Mobile Application for Businesses: Ensuring COVID-19 Tracing for Your Employees

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UnitedHealth and Microsoft introduced the ProtectWell application to help managers with screening their representatives for Covid-19 and make testing rules base on job risk.

Microsoft and UnitedHealth are already using a program for their workers. They are now offering the service to U.S. organizations for free of cost. The program will incorporate resources and rules for Covid-19 testing plans for various representatives within an organization, considering their potential on-job exposure to the contamination.

The ProtectWell application offers the representative with their test results and notifies the business when a worker tests positive for the coronavirus.


Consulting giant PwC is developing a mobile application for corporate clients that can follow which employees are in close contact with each other, and alert HR who may be at the highest risk for contracting Covid-19. 

PwC will offer the application to its clients and will require the application internally as the 275,000-person company returns to its working as employee monitoring environments. At present, it’s being tested in the company’s Shanghai office. 

The application is a survey of the type of technology that big companies could deploy as delegates return to work. As workplaces re-open, companies are contemplating how to manage future Covid-19 outbreaks and cause delegates to have a sense of safety to return.


Echelon Diagnostics, Inc., a leading provider of genomic human services AI imaging and big data solutions, revealed the commercial launch of the SafeKey™ Health Passport (Patent Pending). SafeKey is a new mobile enterprise application. This app is used for secure collection, storage, and recovery of employee COVID-19 diagnostic and resistance testing, as well as vaccination status.

SafeKey is the first safe, simple, and secure solution expected to help guarantee a healthy working environment without compromising, sorting, or transmitting an employee’s protected health information (PHI). The new application gives recruiting managers and workers basic testing and vaccination assurances to reopen local companies, restore business, and revive economic development over the country.

As the country reopens, organizations should have the option to monitor and assurance that their work environment is okay for all of their employees and customers. The SafeKey Health Passport is the first enterprise – planned solution to verify an individual’s COVID-19 testing status. Since this application isn’t a part of a centralized tracking system, it safeguards worker secrecy and PHI.

Show Pros:

Evident ID, Inc., a trusted pioneer in the secure and private exchange of individual information. Recently launched of Evident Health Status, a SaaS platform, and portable application that helps companies with managing risk as employees return to the workplace amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The application offers employing managers and workers the ability to monitor potential coronavirus exposure while securing secret health information.

Show Pros is a venue event staffing, and crowd Management Company. Show Pros is working with Evident Health Status. Currently supporting various customers including the Bank of America Stadium, home of the Carolina Panthers; Spectrum Center, home of the Charlotte Hornets; and public offices in Greensboro, NC; Winston Salem, NC; Greenville, SC; and the Atlanta metro zone. By utilizing the Evident Health Status application, joined with extra security inputs like thermal scanning, Show Pros can guarantee their representatives can assist organizations with providing safe experiences to patrons and visitors.

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