Is Online Mortgage Possible or Not?

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To be clear and precise, yes, you may get your next mortgage online, but that is not about fund disbursement. It is about the mortgage offer, i.e. agreement in principle. Up to that limit, you can expect things to happen online. After that, physical appearance and face-to-face meetings are necessary. The FinTech culture that has introduced smarter ways of lending ensures specific convenient ways of attaining a mortgage. 

With the help of artificial intelligence and changed approach that is liberal, the mortgage companies ensure smooth access of funds. Many factors make online mortgage possible and easy. A look at them one by one can facilitate an insight into the ultimate realities of how a mortgage is possible with an online platform.

The online broker bridge offers a multiplicity of lending options

To get a mortgage online obviously you need to finalise an option. For that, a list of choices is necessary, and the mortgage brokers online provide it through their large panel. They make the selection of the mortgage deals convenient with a variety of rate quote alternatives. Comparison of available lenders is easier now.

The broking companies also tackle the loan procedure for the borrower, which again facilitates the online occurrence of the formalities. Nowadays, the minimum time that it takes to get a mortgage is 18 days. Isn’t it a significant and progressive change? This culture gives the base to completely online-only mortgages that may become the reality of the future soon. 

Initial stages of application do not need any physical presence 

Neither the documents nor the applicant needs to make a physical presence at the lender’s office or the broker to apply. The one-page online application forms take only a few minutes and demand the necessary financial details. 

The lenders scrutinise the bank statements, income proof and recent financial behaviour and then releases a loan offer based on essential affordability. It is the first step that describes that online attainment of funds is possible. 

Increased use of automation in data acquisition

It would help if you have tools to make things work faster, and when it is about online mortgages, automation is the prime tool. It delivers ease in multiple functions and ensures timely access to the related data and documents. 

Here are some of the significant alterations that technology has done for the well-being of the borrowers.

  • The categorisation of documents is secure, and thus one can find the related documents easily. For example – if the requirement is to find the credit reports, visit the ‘credit report’ category, and obtain the data. 
  • Facility to highlight the most relevant document and information in a few seconds. For instance, – the salary category will show in a box after applying the related feature to find the data. 
  • Straightforward processing makes it easy to gather all the related information in one place. This flexibility helps proper scrutiny of documents that is crucial in decision-making.  

Technology in a mortgage at the time of turmoil

The current scenario after covid-19 is a good teacher to make us all realise the real importance of technology. It has made things possible through online platforms even during the most chaotic time. 

  • The virtual property viewing is an unprecedented experience that opens a new chapter to describe that this is also a way to work. 
  • Existing mortgage applications could stay in the process just because of the presence of online procedures. 
  • Income assessment is going normal despite so many bumpy changes in the repaying capacity of the applicants due to threat on job. Countless people are on furlough, and thus, it makes the assessment task difficult for the brokers and the lenders. 


The progressive technology around you is responsible for a faster approach on the mortgage and what else can be faster than online? It makes the concept of online mortgage possible and with the possible convenience at all the stages.