Majority of Lawyers

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The majority of the lawyers and attorneys are involved in private practices. They concentrate on all the types of Law e.g. Labour and Employment Law, Family Law, Real Estate Law, Civil Law, Will and Estate Law or Criminal Law. The Lawyers in Dubai take the charge of representing the clients in Criminal and Civil Cases. They tend to argue in the courts of Law of UAE. It is to be understood that Law is federal in UAE, therefore equally applicable and

These Lawyers in Dubai assist clients with litigation, trusts, wills, Mortgage, Titles, Leases, Contracts, and much more. The Lawyers also take up Public Interest Cases that may come under Criminal or Civil law. They emphasize specific cases and thus, select the cases that greatly impact the way the law is applied. Criminal and Civil Cases are little different in nature because these Cases can only be properly managed by the Top Advocates (UAE National Advocates/Lawyers).

Retainer ship Legal Services

In some of the cases, the clients hire lawyers full-time for single or multiple cases. In case the client is a corporation or a company, the attorneys and lawyers are called house counsel. These are the types of lawyers who tend to render their services to the company or a corporation over its legal matters. Most of the issues are concerning the business activities of a corporation. Such service by the Lawyer is also called as Retainer ship service. Retainer ship Legal Services means, a service which is offered by a Law Firm on continuous basis like for quarter annually, semiannually, and mostly the annually. This is good for the medium to large level companies. 

In-House Counsels/Internal Department/ Hired Lawyers

The in-house counsel lawyers handle a multitude of different legal matters including patents, government regulations, contracts, agreements, copyrights, property interests, collective bargains, and employment-related issues, negotiations with trade unions and other stakeholders, and so forth.

In-House lawyers are hired when a company needs the lawyers on permanent basis or consistently. For Example, a company needs legal support on daily basis or almost every week, then it is suggested to hire the In-house lawyers. Large or Mega business enterprises also establish the in-house legal department where more than one legal counsels are hired.    

Lawyers Hired by Law Firms

A lot of lawyers are associated with Law Firms in Dubai. They provide services to numerous clients coming their way. They may be individuals, corporations, companies, and others. They assist them with the legal problems which may cause problems for them in the coming future. Furthermore, they may also represent their clients in legal cases in front of the judges and the jury. They adhere to the proper systematic process that is followed in Dubai. 

The Advocates in Dubai are responsible to formulate an adequate strategy to provide justice and fair treatment to the client. For it, they draft the paperwork needed by the courts. Besides, they will argue in the courts on behalf of their clients and interpret the laws and legislation.

Nowadays, lawyers are increasingly using techniques and technology to perform more effectively. As technology advances lawyers are also using the latest techniques and modern technology which improves the overall efficiency. In addition, this also assists them in saving time and energy and spending more time sorting and solving the legal issues.

The attorneys may use the software and other latest modes rather than the conventional printed sources and databases. This will aid them in carrying out their work in a more adequate manner. With time, it has become easier to keep the data and information without occupying too much space. Besides, communication has become easier and quicker. We need not be present in the offices at all times. All we need to do is have an upgraded model of communication. The Lawyers may indulge in legal aid to private and non-profit organizations. They may be established to serve the underprivileged. Most of the time they take up civil cases rather than criminal cases.