What Is Bitcoin? A Simple Guide For The Crypto-curious

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Today, the world is quite obsessed with bitcoin and other forms of crypto investments. Though the first ever cryptocurrency, bitcoin was launched in the year of 2009, the crypto market has shown significant potential. Due to its volatility, bitcoin is capable of providing high returns. Bitcoin adoption was introduced amidst the global economic crisis so that the users can manage money without any centralized control.

Advantages of Bitcoin Investment- Points To Note

There are several advantages of using bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies. When we talk about bitcoin transaction, it is subject to low transaction fees and greater transaction speed. Bitcoin runs on Blockchain technology and it features a safe bitcoin network. You may not believe that the bitcoin network has never been hacked. 

So, the bitcoin transaction is much safer than regular currencies. This decentralized network will provide you with a certain level of transparency in the system as well. Every bitcoin transactiongets recorded safely and securely in a public ledger.

Functioning of Bitcoins- How Do They Work?

Well, bitcoin is nothing but a computer program file. This particular virtual currency needs to be stored in crypto wallets or digital wallets on your smartphone or computer. When we talk about Bitcoins, you can send your traded Bitcoins to anyone easily. The best thing about bitcoin is that you don’t have to disclose your identity in the process of a transaction.

When it comes to Bitcoin mining, all you need to have is a proper setup; and you are good to goof your own home. For this, you will be needing some good sources of energy, preferably renewable energy sources. Each and every potential miner will be given a challenging problem based on mathematical knowledge and computer science. 

Investing In Bitcoins- Follow These Steps For A Hassle-Free Crypto Investment

Well, bitcoin investment is quite easy. It is just like a regular stock market investment. To continue with your bitcoin investment or active bitcoin trading, you will have to find yourself the right crypto trading platform at first. Next, you will have to create an account on this platform with any well-known cryptocurrency exchange. It is required for potential crypto traders to go through a KYC. 

For the completion ofKYC, keep all your documents ready at a stone‘s throw. Once you’re done with all these formalities, you will have your own cryptocurrency wallet to hold your bitcoins and all the other cryptocurrencies you will be purchasing. 

Depending on your financial requirements, you can either go for arbitrage bitcoin trading or margin bitcoin trading. In the case of bitcoin, you can also engage yourself in trading, bitcoin hedging, trend trading, and so on. While investing, don’t forget to do the risk analysis. Always invest your spare money in crypto so that you can afford the loss. To prevent the loss, you can also count on trading tools like stops and limits.

Since its early days, bitcoin has undergone a good share of volatility. When it comes to Bitcoin investment, there are several factors that refer to the volatility of the crypto market. Read on to know more in detail to have an overall better understanding.  

  • The volatility of bitcoin is totally influenced by demand and supply. This particular cryptocurrency has an upper ceiling of 21 million, and eventually, with a lesser amount of supply, the price of bitcoin will increase.
  • Lately, bad press has affected the crypto market, especially bitcoin too much. This kind of news negatively impacts bitcoin price and investor and user sentiments.
  • The bitcoin price can change at any time depending on the changes of governmental regulations, rules and laws. There are possibilities that bitcoin can be banned or declared illegal in a specific country any time.


Believe it or not, it’s been only 12 years since people started investing in bitcoins. This particular cryptocurrency is going to take some more time to find its stability. In the future, bitcoin is going to show enormous returns. 

So, if you are a novice bitcoin investor, you should follow the guidelines mentioned above and try to hold your bitcoin investment in the long run. You will definitely be benefited from such a crypto investment.