Lucifer Season 5 will be divided into two halves

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The Kelly Clarkson Show has paid a visit to the set of “Lucifer” while working on its fifth season. In addition to the opportunity to see some of the sets in the series, he took the opportunity to make an announcement.

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It is Tom Ellis, the protagonist actor of the series, in charge of revealing that the 16 episodes that will compose this final season will be divided into two halves, even though their broadcast will occur via Netflix, and not on a television network where they are This type of movement is more common. This is how the actor explains that eight episodes will be broadcast first and, after a break (the duration of which is not specific), the other eight will arrive.

In the video below you can take a look at how the set of the filming of the series is, in addition to the announcement around the minute 4:05.

We know that the fifth season will premiere in 2020 but there is no release date yet.

Lucifer Season 4 

Netflix has announced the release date for the fourth season of “Lucifer.” An announcement that has been made playing with the different time slots since it is being made 666 hours away from its premiere for the different countries, set for May 8 (Netflix Spain has not yet spoken). It is no coincidence that 666 is the number of the name of the beast, that is, the devil.

The series will reach the streaming platform after three seasons on Fox and subsequent cancellation by the series. Netflix took the series and renewed it for a new season of ten episodes.

In the promotional video released to give the announcement, it is played with the idea that Lucifer Morningstar is baptized when he leaves the pool, yes, in a quite sensual way.

 Lucifer season 4 promo teaser

The video features star Tom Ellis, Lauren German (Chloe Decker), and Inbar Lavi, who has been cast for the role of Eve and they are thanking fans for their support. They also express their enthusiasm for being able to bring new episodes to the streaming service.

They don’t go into detail about what’s coming, but if you’re a fan of Lucifer, then you can enjoy the little video they’ve created.

When previously talking about the end of the show, Tom Ellis said:

There were certain restrictions that we had when we were in the TV network, which meant maybe we couldn’t do everything we wanted to. So things like my butt, which I was never allowed to show before, and a lot of people want to see it: there may be some politically incorrect things, certainly, after a scene we took the picture another day.

I also want to emphasize: I think one of the reasons people like our show is because it doesn’t get there. It’s about suggestions, it’s about getting away with it, it is about being shameless and not vulgar, and we continue being careful that we are not going to enter vulgarity. Everything is justified. “.

Netflix announces the fifth season for Lucifer, which will be the last

“Lucifer” was canceled on FOX after three seasons, something that caused his followers to cry out in heaven and cry out for a continuation of the fallen angel’s adventures. It was then when Netflix, the well-known streaming platform, came into play, which acquired the series and produced a fourth season of ten episodes that are now available to be watched; a continuation that has liked but that required new plots. Said and done: Netflix has also now confirmed that there will be a fifth season, albeit with a nuance: it will be the last in the series.

The announcement has been made official on the series’ official Twitter page thanks to a video in which we can see actor Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer, rejoicing as never before in the announcement. Therefore, the platform has helped a series that did not have an end to match, have it with two new seasons.

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At the moment, the extension of the fifth and last round of episodes has not been confirmed, but if you follow the outline of the fourth, it will consist of ten. As one of the phrases in the video for the fifth season of “Lucifer” says, “we will see each other in hell”.