Few Ideal Tips For Europe Plan In summer

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Are you planning the European trip in the summer? So, here are the places to visit in summer, especially in Europe. Well, it is better to know the places where you want to go and explore the places so that you can save time to view the particular place for a long time.

You also don’t get confused if you plan early before you start your trip. Make a list of places that you want to go by reading the information that you can explore in a specific place if you visit this article. Before that here you have the Europe tour packages from Dubai at the best price to utilize. If you are planning to visit in a few days you can opt for this option as soon as possible. 

List of places in Europe city to visit in summer:

  1. Santorini
  2. Rhodes
  3. Ghent, Belgium
  4. Rotterdam
  5. Amsterdam
  6. Porto
  7. Barcelona
  8. Venice
  9. Interlaken
  10. London
  11. Canary Islands, Fuerteventura, Spain
  12. Lisbon
  13. Valencia
  14. Ljubljana
  15. St. Petersburg
  16. Hamburg
  17. Leiria, Portugal
  18. Andorra
  19. Dresden
  20. Budapest
  21. Berlin
  22. Tartu

Santorini, Greece:

Everyone will get jealous when they see the photos of their friends who take a sunset from Santorini! 

Yes, it is one of the beautiful places that you need to know which is located in Greece, this is better to visit on this island than going on a day trip. Once the visitors from the journeys leave this island, they will feel like under heaven. 


Rhodes, as well as all other Greek Islands, remain famous for obtaining an excellent European summer place! You can join the famous nightlife or hang out on some beach the whole day long and also go early over the bed to go again the next day. Both ways, don’t drop the food; otherwise, you may regret it! This island has lots of different ridges to explore. Hence, get a scooter, bike, or you can rent a car to hit a specific road. 


Ghent is an extremely hidden treasure in Europe. It is the city of Brussels and Bruges are the popular places in Belgium, and others eclipse Ghent. In some people’s opinion, the place of Ghent is a lively city: because of its canals, its architecture, and the exciting student flair stuff up the town. Let the large tourist crowds move to the Bruges and experience a European secret gem.

Particularly at night, the Ghent is charming. Walk throughout at night, wander beside the canals, and have dinner. Like in several European places, the days of the central sights are set off at night.


There will be beautiful architecture, artsy, lifestyle. Rotterdam is an exhilarating city within Europe. It is an open-air gallery. It will please you with some world as well as lifestyle vision.

Famous for the nightlife, and Rotterdam is an open-air gallery, including lots of things to do. Visit the majestic masterpiece of the market hall as well as head across the Kinderdijk. In the spring season, you will see many tulip gardens all around—the excellent, cliché Netherlands adventure. But seriously, this is beautiful!


If you want to visit the museum, you need to put your mind about the long queue to get the tickets.

So, make sure to plan to book the tickets in advance. There will three different museums like

  • Anne Frank House
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Rijksmuseum

For daily life experiences, you can collect several other plans to kill your time with:

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  • 5 Local Mysteries in Amsterdam

These are some of the places to see in the European city. Make sure to opt for Europe holiday packages from Dubai if you are willing to go with your family members with several free services.