Is It Really Safe To Buy Whey Protein Online?

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Whey protein, one of the most popular supplements among fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and professional bodybuilders. Such fame comes with its own consequences. Yes, there are many fake products available in the market that are enough to confuse you even if you are a professional and want to switch to another brand for your whey protein needs. While talking to experts we come to know that they have fallen in the trap of fake products sometimes while striving for the best supplement. Yes, sometimes, it is quite tough to get the genuine products and your sweat gets wasted for nothing. Here are some tips and tricks to avoid you falling into the trap of counterfeit products while buying whey protein online. 

 How To Identify The Genuine Whey protein Supplement

  • Take A Logo Test: Nobody is authorized to import and sell the supplements without a license which should always appear on the supplement. In India there are very few distributors with a proper license to sell the products. So, it can be easy for you to track the license just by having a good knowledge of it. A license is nothing but a sticker placed on a supplement with all the essential information including manufacturing date, import date, price, and others.  
  • Check the Authenticity Of Dealer:  You can identify the genuine products by knowing whether the dealer is authorized to sell the particular product. See also if his license to sell the products has expired. 
  • Avoid The Middleman: Many gym goers easily believe their peers or gym trainer while buying the supplement. But they are not responsible if anything goes wrong. Maybe your trusted one is taking commission from every purchase and the supplement is not up to mark. In this scenario you don’t have the right to blame anyone but yourself. It is better to purchase the products directly from the manufacturers to avoid the middleman. 
  • Barcode Test: You can use your bar scanner from the phone to know all the information about the product. Barcode test is also called QR code test which provides you the correct and official link for all the related information of the product. 
  • Seal Test: Watch out seal carefully before buying whey protein or any other supplement. If you find an open seal that surely means it is used or a fake product. Once you check the seal from outside don’t forget to check from the inner side of the lid. If it is loosely sealed, it means it is poor quality or fake. Actually brands take their seals very seriously, any mistake can hamper their reputation that takes a good time and hard work to build. 
  • Use Test: Finally take a test by using your supplement. Mix a scoop of your whey protein with water at normal temperature and shake it for at least 30 seconds. If you notice any residue, clumps or lumps, sorry to say but your supplement is fake.

Yes, you may be wondering if you buy whey protein online, you are not privileged to take some of these tests. Don’t worry you need to order the products after getting assured by the return policy. If you follow all these steps, you can make buying whey protein online safe.