Is it Important to have a Cyber Security Certification?

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We often come across a topic of discussion: is it important to have any certification and is it somehow a reliable assessment of the knowledge and skills of a given specialist? Especially in the area of ​​information security, it turns out that the knowledge attested by a given certificate is different or insufficient compared to what we expect. When writing this guide, our goal is to present selected international certifications in the area of ​​cyber security and determine what kind of experience and skills we can expect from its owners.

At some point in your career, a certificate or certificates in a selected field of security issued by a reputable organization may be necessary to, for example, be promoted, apply for a salary increase or more responsible tasks, change jobs, etc. Any element that can distinguish us from other specialists , will undoubtedly be our additional advantage.

Different certifications hold different levels of difficulty

The available cyber security certification offer covers various scopes and levels of difficulty – from theory and systematization of issues to specialized certifications in the field of computer security, protection against intrusions or ethical hacking. They are usually offered by independent accreditation organizations such as CompTIA, or EC-council, etc.

Hacking has always been seen in the computer world as something bad and harmful for technology, but well managed it can generate great security benefits, so it is important that programmers and computer scientists know the ways to do ethical Hacking, for this For this reason, the EC council offers, Certified Ethical Hacking course or CEH training in Dubai.

Becoming an Ethical Hacker needs Dedication

Becoming an ethical hacker takes time. One of the necessary accreditations for this is that of the EC-Council. When you train as a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), you gain the skills and qualifications necessary to help companies and individuals protect themselves against cyber attacks. By obtaining this certification, you show that you know what you do, but what exactly is this training based on?

The agenda of CEH course in Abu Dhabi covers the main competencies for your professional development, some of the topics that you will see are: Security, Security in systems, Certified Professional Ethical Hacker, Security Fundamentals, Access Controls, Protocols, and Network Attack and Defense. Do not miss this excellent opportunity to improve your knowledge, so that the center will contact you, solve all your doubts and start your training immediately.