He Likes Me But Hide The Feeling

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He likes you but hides it?? It’s not strange, because every guy is inclined to this phenomenon, especially at the early stage of your relationships. When a man is falling in love, literally he afraids of losing you. He thinks like what if I reveal her my feelings and she won’t respond me in the same way. And it’s obvious, cause no one wants to show his weakness, when it comes to the questions of love. And as a result many guys try to hide their feelings in order not to let their girls rule the relationships just like Savita Bhabhi.

That’s why if you are in the same situation,I can imagine how it feels, when you want him to make a declaration of love, but you can’t due to his strange behavior. And in this article I wanna give you some tips on how to make your boyfriend be more outspoken about his attitude to you. Stay tuned. There are many reasons of why a guy likes you but hides it. And I would like to highlight you the most typical of them. The first reason is all about his character and education. 

By that I mean the stereotypes of his childhood, when his parents always told him to be brave and strong guy, instead of showing his weak sides, especially regarding the girls. So since his early age he had kept such ahabit in his head and as a result no one girl can understand his behavior in the current relationships. It looks like your man wants to say I love you, but he can’t, there is something that always stops him. And this is a big issue of his wrong approach to the relationships caused by parental upbringing. 

That’s why you shouldn’t quarell with him, cause you won’t change anything. After all if he really loves you, may be within a time he will reveal his feelings to you. So don’t put a pressure on him. That’s my opinion. Just be patient. The second reason of why your man likes youbut is intimidated to talk about it is about his low self-appraisal and fear of being rejected. In other words, a lot of guys think that their girls will be laughing at them, if they say about the feelings and sympathy. 

That’s why a majority of them suppose to be worthy of the most beautiful ladies. And after this you wonder why so many boys don’t want to approach you..They do want, but this process depends how you react on their attempts to flirt with you. If you perceive him seriously, then it gives to a guy a clear sign, that you like him. Even if it’s not true. He will be more confident in communication with you. Another reason of why your guy hides his feelings are interacted with his bad experience in the past. 

Who knows, may be his ex girlfriend did something painful for him, what actually doesn’t let him express his sympathy and love openly. So keep it also in mind, if you ask why he is not sincer with you about his feelings. And the last reason when you boyfriend isshy to tell you about his sympathy is closely connected with a fear to lose a freedom when it comes to marriage. He may think like if he tells you about his love, you will immediately make him get married. That’s why he afraids of showing a love toyou. Cause he wants to be independent from a commitment in the relationships.