How to Choose the Right Coloured Concealer?

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For a perfect makeup appearance, concealer is necessary. In case you want your skin to glow, your features to look attractive, and your imperfections to dip into the background, you require to find the right color of concealer.

You know what, the choice you make depends on your unique coloring, where the fault is located, and what exactly you are trying to hide. Are you ready to make dark under-eye circles and red marks a story of the past? Well, this post would help you out for sure. After all, you can literally find amazing products like La girl pro concealer shades and so on to make the choice that is specifically for you.

Never Match Your Under-Eye Concealer to the Skin

In case you wish for a natural-looking finish, your under-eye concealer must not match your skin colour. Though you want your foundation shade to be amazing, you require to strategies a little more with concealer.

Once you are working on red spots, the goal is to make them mix with the rest of your skin. Once you are working on dark under-eye circles, your aim is to lighten the area. It simply means that you cannot simply use one concealer for both the tasks.

Under-eye Concealer:

You must go for a color that is around two shades lighter than the color tone of your skin. If you need to choose between two products, for example one that is one shade lighter and one that is three shades lighter- you must pick the concealer that is nearer to your natural skin tone.

Here, a convenient way to find a great match is to test cover-up on your veins on your wrist. In case the product hides your veins and appears natural, it is going to look ideal under your eyes.

Applying Your Concealer

Once you talk about applying concealer, some makeup artists are of the opinion that using a clean finger to gently dab works well as the warmth from your skin assists to soften the concealer. It makes it smoother to apply. However, if you decide to use a brush, you should pick only the quality product. After all, sometimes, it is not just about your concealer but about the brush too. If your brush is not surfacing the concealer properly into your skin, it might look bumpy.

Blend Your Spot Concealer with Your Skin

In case you are searching forward to cover pimples and red spots, go for a product that is precisely the same color as your own skin. Though it is great to color-test your concealer before you purchase it, there are a few rules of thumb to follow.

Basically, if you have a light-to-medium skin tone, you’ll want to go for a yellow-based concealer. If you have medium-to-dark skin, go for an orange undertone.

Conclusion So, though you wear wet and wild eyeshadow glitter, a stunning lipstick and cream too; but you cannot miss out on concealer. A right colored concealer is a must for that perfect look.