Best Live TV App for Android in India

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There is an ever-increasing demand of the audience related to the advancement in entertainment apps. There are immense numbers of live TV apps for android available in India. However, Thoptv APK is the best among all of them. It covers all the demands of the audience and copes up the challenges for these apps. It entertains from live sports to the drama serials, without any extra charges.

Review of Thop TV APK:

ThopTV APK  is an amazing amusing app for the Android operating system. It not only surrounds drama serials, movies, but also there are a number of channels for sports lovers. It doesn’t let you worry about its additional charges, only internet connection is required for its operation. It has more than 3000 TV channels from all over the world. Also, more than 500 Indian channels on Catchup are available here. If you are not in front of your TV at the time of favorite entertainment, you can have this app to entertain yourself. One is free to select web series from his favorite VOD apps.

There are a number of apps, which have movies, drama series, and other entertainments available on them. However, one has to pay regularly to avail of these streaming. When you have Thop TV APK, then you do not have more future worries about charges. It only demands an internet connection, and you can go free. It has more than 3000 movies from all media channels of the world.

TV Channels
TV Channels

Eminent Features of Thop TV:

The features, which make it remarkable, are the following:

  • There are large numbers of channels available on one platform.
  • More than just drama series or movies, a lot of other entertainment stuff is also there.
  • It supports external subtitles for the ease of understanding the content to the audience.
  • It gives HD quality results.
  • It supports CAST and Firestick so that you can watch your favorite movie, drama, or sports, etc. on a big screen.
  • You can organize the list of channels according to your priorities.
  • Thop TV APK  is compatible with Android and tablets. 
  • Its interface is user-friendly that makes its use very easy for senior citizens.
  • The chat corner will build your connection with the customer care center. 
  • You can avail all these services without any charges.
  • It provides you high-quality material.
  • It also supports other players.
  • There is a chat support option that makes it more convenient for the users and allows connecting the customers in case of any problem.
  • You can also use Abbasi TV instead of Thoptv.


Thop TV APK has a high number of channels to provide you coverage for live sports. It supports all types of sports from all over the world. One can also watch the old matches of his wish. Immense traffic is there when India is on the pitch.

Just like all premium services, ThopTV APK offers free opportunities to organize your favorite entertainment list. If you are going to make a preference for the channels, then you can easily make your list of choice of these channels.

If you are going to watch a foreign movie or any series, then there is a feature for the subtitles. It increases your information about the content you are viewing. Get these opportunities from ThopTV APK free on any expenditure. Just download ThopTV APK, and enjoy free streaming!