How Can You Use Flyers for Marketing Your Restaurant?

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In today’s era of technology, with every business, even restaurants, cafes, and local eateries going online, digital marketing has become a necessity. However, it’s time that with these online marketing tactics, food outlets and restaurants also make use of the good old paper flyers and pamphlets for marketing.

If you want to reach local customers, you must choose the right marketing medium, and flyers are a valuable tool for doing that. Here are some simple ways to make your restaurant promotions more effective and successful using flyers and weekly ads.

Advertise Outside Your Restaurant

This is an old technique that real estate agents have been using for years—leaving flyers outside your restaurant. Even if you’re closed, your customers can still see what you offer through your flyers, which can attract them to your business and bring them back when you’re open. Also, if you want budgeted marketing, you can limit the number of flyers you have to print and hang a few of them on your restaurant doors and windows.

Make the Best Use of Events

You can make your restaurant’s great first impression by printing a fresh batch of flyers to hand out at local events. Flyers offering a coupon or discount will encourage customers to check out your place.

Target Students at College Campuses

Various surveys have shown that a large percentage of college students tend to spend their extra money on food, and being a restaurant, they should be your primary target. So, offer them the best deals, coupons, and discounts along with distributing flyers at college dorms and other university buildings restaurant marketing.

Take Help from Local Businesses

Offer a win-win deal to nearby small business owners, such as coffee shops, bookstores, gyms, or even other restaurants and ask them if they’ll allow you to hang your Food Lion Weekly Ad flyer for their visitors to see. Your deal should have a lucrative offer such as promoting their businesses in return. Therefore, this kind of free promotion can also result in a lasting partnership. 

Deliveries can be Used to Deliver Flyers

Use food deliveries to promote your restaurant or new menu additions. Make sure that you include flyers in the packaging so customers see them as they open their food. This is a smart tactic as it allows you to stand out of dozens of other flyers, and communicate directly with your current customers, who have already ordered from your place and probably like your brand.

Office Buildings are Quite Lucrative

People working in offices are always looking for an excuse to get out of the building during their lunch. Therefore, you can target specific office parks near your restaurant, and drop off flyers and menus at those buildings with exclusive lunch deals.


Therefore, you can strengthen your restaurant promotions by focusing your attention on the right marketing mediums. You need not necessarily spend your fortunes on digital marketing when the flyers are equally successful, are within budget, and can help promote your restaurant to a wider reach of people.