Guide to Finding the Best Employment Lawyer

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Sydney is one of the most visited cities in Australia. The massive city sits in the east coast region. Its metropolis envelopes Port Jackson and extends to the Blue Mountains in the west. Hawkesbury is found on the north, while the Royal National Park is situated in the south. People are excited about its topography and the diverse community. From immigrants, tourists to city-goers, all have flocked to the place hoping to find a brighter future. This has been a favourite spot for aspiring professionals and those seeking more career development due to the city’s booming economy.

With that said, there are also people who are currently employed and have plans of shifting to another sector or intend to resign but are unsure if any legal matter binds them. Some workers also experience unjust termination by abusive employers or perhaps have failed to understand their rights as an employee and just accepted the decision of being axed from their job. And these cases require a competent employment lawyer in Sydney who can ensure that employers and employees fairly address employment-related concerns.

How To Spot a Credible Lawyer

Several of them claim to be the best in their business, making the search process harder. Taking note of a few pointers on what to look for can be useful.

  • Consider Family’s or Friends’ Recommendations

The best sources of referrals are your family and friends. These people can be trusted and will surely be honest about their opinions. They can even be more useful if they have experienced the services of a lawyer that they suggested. Consulting people close to you may help pick the names that are already on your list. Try to ask for further questions and clarifications. If they can provide an estimate of their rates, office hours, and specialties, you’ll be able to effectively filter and find the lawyer who best suits your needs.

  • Browse the Internet

There is nothing wrong with consulting the internet. You will be able to find many choices by simply typing in ‘employment lawyer in Sydney’ but, you just have to be diligent in weaving through the good and bad ones. It requires a lot of patience to read reviews and websites of lawyers and law firms. Remember to not just focus on good write-ups but also read the negative comments. Some of the sites will show the thread where the commenter and the lawyer exchange their conversation. You can go through this in the comment section so you’ll have an idea of how the legal firm deals with negative feedback. Although you may not get the entire story, at least you’ll know what to look out for in case you consider that legal counsel.

Ask For Their Portfolio

It won’t hurt to ask the employment lawyer about their experiences in several employment cases. They may not specifically hand you the case files since they’re bound with the attorney-client-privilege, but you can have an idea if they’re indeed legit. Their portfolio will allow you to have a perspective of the number of cases they handle and the severity of the legal issues they take. Furthermore, it will tell you if the lawyer has encountered similar cases like yours and if they’ve managed to come up with a favourable settlement.

Finding someone who will fight for your right and get a fair verdict is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But with sufficient research, perhaps the search process will not be so hard after all.