How Biker’s Jackets Give Dapper Styling to both Men and Women

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Leather jackets are known as an icon of the fashion world for decades. We all have grown up watching our favorite celebrities showing off their styles in these leather jackets. Weren’t stayed glued to our screens for hours to get a glimpse of that? Leather jackets have changed a lot with the upgrading trends of fashion across the whole world. Now we can put our hands on a diverse range of designs and features, from looking like a badass in a motorcycle jacket to looking classic in a mens blazer.

Motorcycle jackets, explicitly made for bikers’ protection, have now become a symbol of classic chic styling. These jackets originally prepared by Irving Schott, the co-founder of a clothing brand Schott Bros, for Harley Davidson, an American motorcycle manufacturer company in the early 90s. Since then, these jackets became the most demanded not only by men but women as well. People from all over the world love these jackets due to the layering and unique look they provide.

The feature that makes these jackets different from the others is that they come up with various fabric choices. Leather biker jackets are known to be the most classic layering with the best protection against weather conditions. Some people prefer textile material as it’s somewhat flexible. But it all depends on your priorities! 

Are you looking for a simple-styled jacket that does not feel heavy on your body? Go for CafĂ© Racer biker jackets. These jackets, designed for racers, but by looking at their unique straight zipper designs, we can’t stop ourselves from wearing them daily as well! If you feel like going for a crisp look, go for asymmetrical style motorcycle jackets. They are slightly heavier, but that stylish collar is worth dying for.

Adopt a variety of Styling techniques

Styling up is a universal thing for all genders. But when it comes to women, it is their high-key priority. A large number of women go for asymmetrical jackets as fashion apparel. As biking is not only limited to men, we see many women bikers as well. This attire should be the must-have item in every girl’s wardrobe. Women usually look for apparel that not only gives them comfort but also makes them look stunning. No matter if you’re a working woman, an athlete, or a housewife, we all want jackets as casual wear as it turns out classy every time! And these leather biker jackets come to our genre.

Unlike women, most men around the world spend their lives in the dilemma of how to style themselves. Maybe because they don’t have the variety of designs available for them. It wouldn’t be wrong if we call leather jackets a life-savior for them. With just a little bit of styling, they can look dapper and classy. Even wearing these jackets on a casual outfit, they can still rock. All the men and women out there brace yourself to enter into the world of ultimate dapper stylings. Here are some styling techniques that you both can follow;

Go for pairing a biker jacket and dark brown pants, and complementing them with beige boots is the exquisite styling idea to add extra energy to your look. You can also add a trendy combo to your styling method by selecting your favorite sweatpants and biker jacket, pairing them with a nice pair of sneakers, and finishing it off with an elegant hairstyle.

If you’re looking for a more casual and classy look, pair your black sporting leather shoes with a black leather jacket and black trousers. This combo would make you both look on-trend and that too, without spending thousands of minutes searching.

Are you feeling adventurous? Take out your khaki pants, pair them up with a brown biker jacket, and ace that look with a pair of burgundy shoes. People, you all can go for multiple zippers as well.

For an outfit that gives semi-casual vibe, you should take out your pair of dark blue loafers, wear them with a biker jacket and navy dress, and look dapper in a flash. You can also consider wearing your dark green army boots with a dark green biker jacket and a black t-shirt. Finishing that look with dark green chinos will instantly inject coolness to your outfit.

Do girls want a chic look? Do men want to go for colors? Try the safe-to-go dapper combination of a red biker jacket and dark blue ripped jeans ensemble with a pair of grey sneakers. Finish it off with a cool chain to look extra badass. Girls can go for funky colored t-shirts as well.

Londoners Over The Years

London holds the crown of being the center of innovation in classy chic, and crispy styling. We all have seen those British guys rocking their looks in leather outwears in the movies. Those stunning looks make our hearts melt every time! The style of their fashion has also taken a fresh approach. Today we can see Londoners going for cropped, tight biker jackets paired with chinos and shoes giving them a well-groomed and aesthetic vibe.

It depicts that styling never gets old; it upgrades itself. We have seen many kinds of jackets coming and going, but these biker jackets are with us since the 90s. We can say that people and fashion both can’t stop evolving. Aren’t they?

As discussed above, these stylish motorcycle jackets have now become a part of our lives. Whenever we have an event coming up, these leather biker jackets are the first ones to come to our minds. These jackets are appreciated all over the world. Many men and women, who ride the bike or not, need a durable jacket with a dapper style. What’s better than having a couple of leather motorcycle jackets in your wardrobe?