Some of the Finest Cosplay Ideas for 2020

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Last year, from state comic cons to their smaller versions, every event was full of creative minds roaming in their best disguises. A wide array of colors caught the attention of celebrities when the hashtags started trending on social media. 

To create the same hype, you better start preparing for your grand entrance in a costume bash. With Hollywood’s obsession with larger than life characters, it gets pretty confusing on what you should look like every other year. Let us help you navigate the significant number of inspirations you can utilize this year with an easy guide!


If you want to join the group of the trendiest cosplayers, you have to stick with anime-inspired looks! The whole concept of real-life anime characters look mind-blowing, and while you are at it, do not forget who birthed this line of entertainment. The Akira Jacket inspired by the handsome young character from the 1988 Akira film is a jaw-dropping attire when paired with the right essentials. 

Kaneda’s charming personality, as well as calm behavior, was what brought immense fame to the budding franchise, which soon became a sensational piece. Your one safe bet every year can be this timeless character who wore a dynamic red jacket and rebelled in the neo-Tokyo! 

Once neglected, anime found popularity when the creators promoted Akira worldwide. Many of our cosplays today exist because Akira happened decades ago. Without this essential movie, the success of this domain today would have been impossible. Apart from this, anime is full of characters you can get inspired to stand out even in a creative bunch. With a better variety for the female fan base, anime widely used when it comes to female-focused cosplays. 

Accessories like every other costume play a considerable role in anime-inspired ones too. But more than accessories, make up is what distinguishes female anime cosplayers from others. 

Best o Horror/ Thriller

Are you looking to give jump scares this year? Go for the thriller and horror side to try something different for a change. You can pair in groups too for this style and opt for a TV show based cosplay for the whole group. For instance, The Walking Dead, spanning over a decade, has brilliant options in store for everyone.

From seventh season’s Gary’s iconic lightweight vest to Andrea’s fur vest, this series best known for its fashionable, quirky outfits. Accommodating them into cosplays works smoothly, and you do not have to worry about storing them inside your closet throughout the year as they work their magic in everyday style too! 

When considering a thriller inspired look, do not forget Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn and Joker. They have been in the limelight for more than a decade now, but these characters’ hype does not die down. After the recent Joker film, the craze has multiplied! An iconic duo, they sit perfectly with the grand theme of comic con! 

Action movie heroes are not far behind in the race if you are searching for thriller heroes. Widely known actors who have a fan following bigger than half of the population can see them appearing in various forms throughout the exciting event! 

Miniature Games

Comic cons and Halloween parties become exciting once the gamers make their entry! Inspired by the miniature world’s complex characters, these video game real-life characters are a treat for everyone. 

Whether it is Far Cry’s fifth installment or Desperados’ third new game after the spin-off, the screens are always full of costumes you can pull off with ease. While many females opt for superhero outfits, you will find some recreating their Battle Royale looks effortlessly. If you want to pull off a video game attire, accessories are of the essence. 

You need your weapons, boots, and headgear if you want to impersonate your favorite character in every way. Free Fire’s latest range of costumes is currently the talk of the town, especially among the circle where these characters are known for their skills and worth. 

In particular, Andrew’s character (one of the easiest to create) is getting hype from men who want to enjoy cosplay adventures with minimal efforts. Since it only consists of regular work clothes and a chic vest, it requires far less creativity! 


From the very beginning, comic cons have had an impressive influx of costumes inspired by comics’, TV shows, and movies. Whether it is a Marvel or DC, the fight among the fans becomes brutal when there is a costume display specifically. Social media floods with iconic looks while children and adults enjoy these real-life heroes more than anything else. 

Most of the time, the attention is not on the heroes but villains. Take the example of Joker and Loki. They are some of the worst characters from comics, and yet, they impersonated more than the usual superheroes. 

Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool is still a fan favorite for the fantastic humor and cunning wit. After getting bored with Spiderman and Batman, new characters more widely accepted. If you feel like there are very few options for you because most of them belong to men, think again because a Red akira Kaneda jacket is an ideal option to create an eye-catching cosplay. 

Carol Denver’s iconic role is still taking the world by storm even after a year of the film’s release. Captain Marvel set to make another appearance in the coming year if the entertainment industry gets back on track. With an upcoming sequel, this attire is the best way to keep the hype and craze of Marvel’s best female super-heroine alive. 

With this extensive guide, you can lead the way in the world of creative outfits even after the comic con craze is over. Costumes add a much-needed touch of fun in our stereotypical outfits and therefore appreciated more than any other art form!