Full-Funnel PPC Strategy: How Can It Benefit Your ROI And Revenue?

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Understand the working mechanisms of a full-funnel PPC strategy and how it can raise your ROI and ad revenue. Keep reading to find out!

Let’s face it, the ultimate goal of businesses when running an ad campaign is to increase the company’s benefits. The more ad-attributable conversions are, the more successful a campaign is. So how can you optimize the effectiveness of your ads and make sure they bring a high ROI?

The answer is simple enough: let’s go for a full-funnel PPC strategy. In the article below, you will learn the ins and outs of this efficient marketing approach and how it can improve your business.

Or else, if you don’t have much time to spare, consider seeking professional consultancy from a trusted PPC agency for more reference.

What Is A Full-Funnel PPC Strategy?

A full-funnel PPC refers to a pay-per-click campaign, in which a multi-stage process is applied instead of just random ads throwing around. 

The funnel is designed so that it can slowly appeal to customers, get their attention, persuade them to take action, and keep them posted with the brand. 

5 Phases Of A Full-Funnel PPC Strategy

1. Awareness

The top of a funnel PPC campaign is to reach out to customers without previous knowledge of your brand. 

The main purpose of this stage is to educate customers and bring your products to the forefront of their attention. It means that you need a few introductory ads, including information about your business, which products you specialize in, and why your brand stands out compared to other competitors.

2. Interest

Now that customers already have a vague idea of your business, it is time to move to the second phase: interest.  Here, your ads are supposed to pique the curiosity of potential buyers by going into details about the products.

What are their unique selling points? How can they help solve the persistent problems that your customers are having? Do they have any special features that might impress the customers? Put all of these into your ads and show them to whoever engaged with your ads the last time.

3. Consideration


After being briefed on your brand and what it has to offer, most buyers need a gentle push before they decide on a purchase. What you need to do is to sweeten the talk with some extra gains. For example, add a free shipping code or an exclusive promotion for first-time shoppers in your ads. Your target audience is more inclined to put an item in the cart, knowing they are getting more value from your service.

4. Decision

With three stages already implemented, chances are your customers are more than ready to seal the deal. Run a few more ads reminding them to finalize the payment, and do not forget to put in a timer effect for better persuasion.

5. Retention

Most PPC ad campaigns can declare success after the 4th stage, but the bottom of the funnel is vital to earning more in the long term. Here, you need to keep the past customers engaged by showing them more informative blogs, free advice, special samples, etc. This way, your brand recognition is gradually reinforced and guarantees to exploit the existing traffic. 

3 Benefits Of Applying A Full-Funnel PPC Strategy To Your Business

1. You have a solid structure of an ad campaign

Usually, at the beginning of the campaign, you just map out the concept, the big idea and put them all in a timeline. From there, you expect these ads to go smoothly, attract more customers, and bring in a higher ROI.

The truth is, running ads based on gut feelings without any preparation does not work in your favor. You need to have a clear picture of how many phases are involved in a campaign, what the aims of each phase are, and unique approaches to achieve said aims. A full-funnel PPC strategy is designed to answer those questions without fail. As a result, you have better control over your overall campaign and can envision everything easily from scratch.

2. You can bring in more ad revenue

Instead of displaying ads featuring your products at the target audience, a full-funnel PPC campaign gets to know your potential customers on an individual level before convincing them to seal the deal. Your customers will go through a well-planned process of recognizing the brand -> knowing more about the brand -> wanting to buy products of the brand -> actually buying products -> coming back for more.


Needless to say, this tactic is much more efficient at converting new customers. The more conversions you can extract, the more profitable your campaign will be.

3. You can reuse the campaign for other purposes

What is impressive about a full-funnel PPC campaign is that it covers everything from top to toe of a typical marketing approach. Therefore, once you are done with the whole campaign, you can pick out smaller segments for future references.

For example, you want to launch a retargeting campaign to raise the conversion rate. Instead of designing the ads all over again, just reapply what is already in the “Consideration” and “Decision” stage. Not only does this save you plenty of time and effort, but you can also learn from past mistakes and make necessary adjustments to increase the effectiveness of these ads.

Similarly, whatever ad copy and visuals belonging to the “Awareness” and “Interest” stage can come in handy if you are about to release a new product and want to notify brand new customers. What it takes is a bit of modification to make the ads more relevant, and you are ready to go!


Now that you have understood the importance of using a full-funnel PPC strategy to boost your business revenue and bring a higher ROI, it is time to test out this tactic and see how it works. But in case you need further advice before implementation, turn to a reputable PPC agency like olifantdigital.com for more information!