7 Pieces of Minimalist Jewelry That Will Look Amazing On You

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Whether you’re dressing up for school or a meeting at work, no look can ever be complete without jewelry that complements your outfit. Suppose you’re leaving the house looking sharp and classy, and suddenly your body is overwhelmed by a strange feeling of insecurity. In that case, it’s maybe because you forgot to wear your favorite piece of jewelry. You’ll almost feel naked without it. For many women, jewelry isn’t just mere pieces of metal. It’s a tool to instill confidence and self-care. 

Jewelry is not a recent creation of man. It’s been in the world since the existence of the very first civilizations. Almost all cultures around the globe promote jewelry as a symbol of class, prestige, and elegance. Surprisingly, it’s a potent tool to estimate someone’s socioeconomic class. However, keeping other beliefs aside, we can all come to a consensus on the fact that jewelry is a token of femininity and it makes a woman feel beautiful. It’s the reason why most parents, husbands, and boyfriends consider jewelry as their first and best option when deciding a gift for their women. 

While some women are perfectionists of jewelry and know all the matches on their fingertips, other women struggle because of a trillion options. Considering that the possibilities are immense and the trends keep changing, selecting the right jewelry can get very mind-boggling. Since jewelry is expensive and one piece is never enough, you should consider investing in simplistic and affordable jewelry. For that, you can check out WholesaleSparkle.com to view a variety of beautiful and minimalist jewelry available at wholesale prices. Finally, let’s get down to the must-haves of jewelry that are bound to make you look and feel like a queen. 

1. A Pendant Necklace 

Every jewelry closet deserves to have at least one (preferably more than one) pendant necklace. Thin and sleek gold or silver chains go with all the outfits. It fits in perfectly with both casual and formal settings. The best thing about pendant necklaces is that you can purchase multiple pendants with the same chain and replace them according to your outfits. If you’re buying pendants for school or college, go for more chic ones, for example, the peace sign, a clover, butterflies, hearts, an anchor, or anything that you like. If you’re looking for classier pendants that look nice in informal and professional environments, go for stones or a horizontal gold bar. 

2. Thick Ring Band 

Rings are some of the most exquisite jewelry pieces available. Some women would never consider purchasing them because they are too tiny or hardly detectable. Thick ring bands are made for people who come from this school of thought. They’re big enough to be noticed from across the room, and they go perfectly with all outfits and all occasions too. Thankfully, this thicker version of rings is also comparatively affordable. 

3. Greek-Roman Laurel Leaf Bracelets 

If you’re investing in just one piece of jewelry, it has to be the laurel leaf bracelet. They sit perfectly with all kinds of wrist sizes and look amazing on every skin stone. The highlight of laurel leaf bracelets is that they’re evergreen. You can have one for decades, and it can never go out of trend. After all, the laurel leaves concept has been in the world for centuries. Moreover, they’re perfect for any occasion, be it casual, formal, or professional. 

4. A Pearl Necklace 

Pearls are a symbol of wisdom and sophistication. They’re as important in your closet as a black dress and a brown purse. If you want to add a touch of class to any outfit, wear a pearl necklace. Luckily, pearls go with any outfit or occasion. A pearl necklace can only make you seem more exquisite, whether you’re heading to a wedding, a fine sushi restaurant, or the daycare to pick up your children. There is no fear of being overdressed with pearls. Pearl necklaces were also frequently worn by royalties like Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, and Duchess Kate Middleton.  

5. Hoop Earrings 

Life is boring when you only wear small earrings that can’t get noticed until someone moves up close to look at them. Hoops are probably the only earrings that everyone can rock. They have been in fashion for the past two decades, and it’s safe to say that they’re going nowhere for the next 100 years. Even if you have a chubby face, hoops will make your face appear longer. For people with a longer face, hoops will define your bone structure to appear more symmetrical. The ideal size of hoops is somewhere between 1 and 2 inches. But of course, it’s also dependent on the size of your face and the nature of the occasion. 

6. Cocktail Rings 

Cocktail rings have never been out of style since the day they came into existence. The name depicts that women initially wore them to cocktail parties. However, today you can wear them any place where you want to attract loads of attention. Typically, they’re worn on the right hand to avoid being confused with wedding rings. Be mindful of choosing the right gemstones for your cocktail ring. Go for one that goes with your outfits and your personality type. 

7. Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings

There is some evidence to support the assumption that cubic zircon earrings add spiritual and emotional balance to your life. There’s no denying that they’re the real must-haves of jewelry. If you get back from work wearing CZ studs on a busy day and you only have about 15 minutes to dress for a wedding you were invited to, you should not care about changing your studs. They’re the most all-occasion-friendly pieces of jewelry to exist. They also make you appear headstrong, focused, and confident. 

The Bottom Line 

No matter where you go, never forget to wear some simple yet elegant jewelry, even when your destination is just the grocery store. It can add meaning to your personality and complete your outfit. On many occasions, the right jewelry can make you look like the most important person in the room. Not going to lie, but the right earrings can even successfully get you through a job interview. Since jewelry is a hefty investment, consider more affordable options, especially in rings. Even a dozen rings can never be enough. Lastly, pearl necklaces are your best friends on any occasion.