Common Mistakes that Fitness Freaks Make Without Knowing

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Undoubtedly, exercising regularly is the best thing you can do in order to keep your fitness healthy. It not only strengthens your muscles and bones but also improves your cardiovascular health, boosts memory, and reduces stress. However, it may sound exasperating but when it comes to exercising in a proper manner, there are some do’s and don’ts you need to learn.

Because of this reason many Emiratis engage trainers from the best personal trainer Dubai has to offer. Being under the guidance of an expert can save you from some of the most common mistakes that almost everyone makes while exercising.

Nevertheless, to reap the full health benefits of exercising, it is mandatory to do it in the right way. Therefore, in order to help you in avoiding those mistakes that can sabotage your fitness goals we have jot down some common workout mistakes that everyone makes while exercising. If you can avoid making these common mistakes you will produce more effective results.

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Skipping Warm Up:

Your muscles and connective tissues are like a rubber band. If you pull a rubber when it’s cold, it may snap. Whereas, when you warm up the rubber band, it gets far more elastic and flexible. Similarly, warm up prepares your heart, muscles, lungs and brain for exercising and reduces the risk of getting injuries. However, if you are skipping warm up and getting straight to exercising, you can injure yourself as your body isn’t prepared yet for all this physical exertion. Therefore, develop a habit of doing warm up before you start doing your routine exercises.   

No Workout Plan:

Starting exercising without having any game plan is another common mistake that most people make. Exercising without any set plan can lead to a lot of wasted time and energy. Because of this reason, it is essential that you plan out a workout routine for yourself before you start exercising. Set out a routine that is well suited for your body and helps you in reaching your fitness goal. Moreover, if you live in the vicinity of Dubai, then it will be better if you hire one of the best personal trainers in Dubai for drafting your game plan.

Using Phone While Exercising:

Another common mistake that we all make is using our phone while exercising. Never keep your phone with you when exercise. Because if you have your phone, you will keep on looking at it and this will affect your focus. Even if you have a habit of keeping a track of your workout routine on your phone, leave it for the end. By doing so, you won’t lose your focus during exercising.   

Static Stretching:

Static stretching refers to any stretch that you do at a challenging angle for 10 to 30 seconds. Stretches like the Shin stretch or standing hamstring stretch are static stretches. This type of stretching helps in slowing down your heart beat, lowers injury risk and helps in reducing DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). You should do it at the end of your exercise, after completing your workout plan. Many people do this stretching as a warm up exercise that is absolutely wrong because it helps in reducing heart rate not warms it up. Instead you should develop a habit of doing dynamic stretching as it will help your body in warming up.  

Neglecting Recovery:

Most of the people neglect muscle soreness which is common after overtraining. When you over-train, you don’t give your muscles enough time for healing and rejuvenating. This adversely affects your performance. Muscle soreness can make your body susceptible to fitness burnout and muscle injuries. Therefore, it is essential that you let your muscles properly heal before you start stressing them again.


Not doing exercise regularly is the biggest mistake that the majority of people make. If you are not consistent with your workout routine, you can never reach your fitness goals. Remember that consistency is your key to success. Create a proper fitness routine and stick with it, don’t jump from one type of exercise to another. If you follow a fitness routine properly, give it proper time and effort then it will surely yield your desired results.