An Insight into a Useful Tool – Spark Plug Wire Crimper

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Building your own set of spark plug wires is very simple and rewarding. It is a simple task that does not require an advanced skill set. However, it does require the use of several special tools like wire strippers and a spark plug wire crimper from totaleclipse. A terminal for this can differ in shape and size hence, it is more beneficial to build your wire.

This article explains the importance of building a spark plug wire and details on the type of tools an electrician might need to accomplish this task.

Significance of Building Spark Plug Wire

This type of wire tends to get frayed over time and they also might develop cracks. A crack in the insulation can result in leakage to the ground. This can result in a weak spark and reduction of engine performance as well making it essential to change the wire. It is well documented that high-performance wires can add horsepower to your vehicle. Building this type of wire will ensure that everything is in order and that sufficient energy is passing to a spark-plug which in turn makes sure the engine is functioning with sufficient power. 

Essential Tools to Build Spark Plug Wires

There are several tools essential to building this wire-like stripper, crimper, etc. A crimper is essential to crimp ends which essentially means joining two pieces of metal together; this is done by deforming one or both them. There are two main types of crimping tools like the ratcheting and plier crimping tool. The ratcheting type tends to be more expensive while a plier crimping tool is easier to use. Spark plug wire crimping tool you select needs to be of good quality since if a crimping job is not done to perfection it can result in the formation of air pockets between a wire and a connector. Air pockets in your connector are not good since they can result in the presence of moisture which in turn leads to corrosion of connectors. A connector will also become more vulnerable to heat and is likely to break easily as well. Thus, it is essential to invest in good quality crimper. 

Selecting a Spark Plug Wire Crimper 

A wire crimper is a fairly simple tool to use which first requires that you make use of another special-purpose tool called a stripper to expose a metal wire that is most likely to be insulated. Once all metal wires are exposed, they are inserted into the connector. There are multiple types of connectors like a single conductor for a spark plug and a multi-wire connector for an Ethernet wire or a phone line. Every ethernet cable tool kit is likely to consist of a crimper. 

It is simpler to crimp a single connector since a multi-wire type requires more preparation. On the other hand, the single connector simply requires inserting wires into a connector and squeezing the handle of a crimping tool to tighten a connector and keep it in place. There are mainly two types of crimpers manual and ratchet crimpers as described here:

  • Manual Crimper: As the name suggests a manual crimper is completely powered by hand, thus the amount of pressure you can apply on the connector solely depends on how hard you can squeeze it. This makes it harder to use.
  • Ratchet Crimper: This type of crimper is built using ratchets; hence it not only makes the process of crimping easier it also allows you to use more power. There are further options like a coaxial crimp tool and the modular crimp tool. But the modular crimp tool is mainly meant for use in networking cables or phone cables. The Coaxial crimp tool is available in multiple settings and useful for many different applications.