Your Complete Guide for Decorating a Large Bedroom

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Unlike other parts of your home, the bedroom is your personal space. It’s where you retreat after a long day to unwind. It’s where you sleep and recharge. Most importantly, the bedroom is your private haven.

With that in mind, you may find yourself experiencing pressure to get the right look for the bedroom.

After all, it’s a room designed to offer a sense of calmness and comfort. For your own peace of mind, it’s time to get it right.

When it comes down to it, decorating a small bedroom is not the same as decorating a large one.

One has space constraints, and the other has a lot of it, perhaps even more than you know what to do with. For this reason, we’ve prepared for you a simple guide for decorating a large bedroom and getting it to reflect your vision.

Use a Neutral Palette

We all have favorite colors and probably opt for bold, attention-grabbing hues most days.

However, bedrooms work great with softer colors which easily evoke feelings of serenity.

It’s going to be hard for your bedroom to feel like a refuge if you deck it out in bold colors. These may look nice, but really that’s not the point. You want your bedroom to be comfortable and carry a soothing effect that’ll always be inviting.

How to get the best of both worlds when it comes to your favorite colors is to develop softer, muted versions of the same.

For instance, lime green, apricot, sky blue, gray, pastel red, and gentle shades of lavender are great soothing colors.

Consider Less Furniture

Just like a small bedroom, choosing furniture for a large bedroom is a big deal. If you go big on everything just to make use of the available space, your bedroom will look overdone.

On the other hand, if you avoid large pieces, your bedroom may feel like a hall full of toys. You want to strike a balance between larger and smaller details.

For a bigger bedroom, the bed needs to be large as well. This creates a focal point, with everything else falling nicely into place. You can then bring in more small pieces to maximize the space.

Add a Private Section

You don’t want to turn your bedroom into a sleep-only zone. Since your bedroom is large, you can use the extra space to create a private lounge area.

The idea is to have a separate environment that’s not the bed. An area that doesn’t encourage sleeping, rather to relax and do your thing.

You can install a mini-bookshelf or a desk for this private section if you intend to use it to read, study, or work on small projects.

Alternatively, you can bring in a settee or a couple of armchairs and finish the look with an ottoman or an accent table.

If you like boho vibes or prefer something carefree and exciting, hammocks and swings are an excellent idea.

Layer the Lighting

Proper lighting is an essential part of the bedroom. You need your bedroom to maintain a bright and airy atmosphere. The last thing you want is your bedroom looking gloomy and uncomfortable.

Here are some lighting options to consider depending on your needs:

Ceiling Lights

These are light fixtures that are generally mounted on the ceiling or hidden into it. Install recessed or cove light options into a pocket in the ceiling to provide ambient lighting.

Accent lights like pendants and chandeliers hang low, focusing on illuminating specific areas. You can toggle ceiling lights for the amount of lighting you prefer.


Besides artificial fixtures, you can brighten up your bedroom naturally with a skylight. They bring in so much light and carry this comfortable sense of the outdoors. 

Aside from natural light, your bedroom also benefits from better ventilation.


Lamps are an extra layer of accent lighting that spark visual interest. You can use them to highlight aspects of your bedroom, set a mood, or just add more lighting.


Most of the large pieces like furniture are a necessity. Accessories, however, are the final touches that bring out your dream bedroom. They play a vital role in the color, texture, and mood you envision.

Here are accessories you may want to consider:

  1. Window Treatments

Window treatments are the frosting when it comes to your room’s decor style. They amplify aesthetics.

Regardless of the style you’re going for, you want to make sure your window treatments allow enough natural lighting. You don’t want your bedroom feeling like a cave, which happens a lot.

For a large bedroom, your windows should likewise be large to cater to the natural light and airy look. If the window is small, try using sheer panels to maximize lighting needs.

  1. Area Rugs

When done right, area rugs have the power to transform your living space into the stuff of dreams.

When choosing area rugs, try blending them with your color scheme.

  1. Wall Decor

These can be anything that suits your taste and vision for the bedroom, including: 

  • mirrors
  • framed photos
  • posters
  • wallpaper
  • sculptures
  • wood
  • antlers 

Or whatever else calls to you!

  1. Indoor Plants

Plants are a great way of balancing the colors and bringing inside a taste of the outdoors. Place a couple pots by the window or hang baskets for a homey atmosphere.

Include Storage Space

Storage is an important aspect of your bedroom. Avoid clutter by putting things away and out of sight if you don’t need them immediately at hand.

Aside from the closet drawers, plan for more storage space. Get baskets, install shelves under the bed, or bring in a bookshelf with drawers.


Your bedroom is an important, personal space. Stand in it and envision your style. Think about your dream look and what you need to do to capture it.

Decorating a bedroom is less challenging when you plan it, at least the basics, and go with the flow from there. It’ll be a lot less stressful once you know what you want to bring in and where you want it to go. 

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