Why choose Node JS for web application development San Diego?

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Are you skeptical about which web application development San Diego framework to choose for your next web app project? Don’t worry, others have been where you are right now and it is completely natural to be confused about which framework will turn out to be best for your web app. To ease the knots in your mind, we are going to suggest you Node JS but you don’t have to listen to us blindly. Here’s why using Node JS will be the best decision you can make for your web application development San Diego.

Node JS

Node JS is an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment powered by JavaScript built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It is a great framework that was initially launched in 2007 and over the years has been updated to keep up with the changing trends and improving its functionality. 

Node JS is a great choice for web application development San Diego as it helps in creating server-side applications that are event-driven and capable of asynchronous input/output. While it is a popular choice for front end services, many leading brands of the industry like Netflix, eBay, Yahoo, and PayPal, etc have used it for back end as well. 

Here are a few listed benefits it can bring to your web application development San Diego project: 

Boosted Productivity:

By using Node JS, you have the opportunity to eliminate inter-silo dependencies, and combining front end and back end teams results in seamless functioning and increased efficiency of the overall web app development process. 

Increased Speed: 

Node JS is an efficient framework that helps in increasing the speed of the development process. With Node JS a stellar web application can be created in half the time required by other frameworks. Since Node JS uses Google’s V8 engines, JavaScript is directly compiled in the native machine code which is where most time is efficiently saved. It can also manage parallel connections with maximum output. 

LinkedIn chose to switch to Node JS from Ruby on Rails which made their app 20x faster by cutting down 10x the number of servers being used. 

Proxy Server:

With Node JS you can conveniently use different proxy services whether they have different response times or gathering data from different resources. It seamlessly handles the connection with 3rd party resources while gathering different data or saving images and videos.

IoT Support: 

According to Techtic, 96% of the IoT companies prefer Node JS for web application development San Diego. Common implementation by Node JS includes home security, appliances, health care and travel, etc. Node JS is great at gathering endpoint data and repurposing it which is a critical component of effective IoT implementation. 

Data Streaming: 

Since Node JS effectively handles asynchronous I/O, it very conveniently solves common web and network development problems. Normally web frameworks treat HTTP requests and responses separately but they are actually data streams. Node JS fully maximizes this feature to bring more efficiency in tasks like processing files during uploading. This also reduces the overall processing time. 

Readily Available Expertise: 

Since Node JS is based on JavaScript its supporting community is large. It is easier to get the hang of this framework since most developers have worked with JavaScript at some point in their lives, one way or another. Thus finding a developer to work with Node JS becomes considerably easier. 

Support & Community:

Node JS is very community friendly and has been responsible for delivering robust and powerful modules and apps. Whether it is about pushing real-time updates or solve any issue the entire community is quite resourceful and offers a lending hand wherever and whenever needed. 

Micro-service Architecture: 

By using Node JS your web application development San Diego company can easily reuse components, increase the pace of development and improve fault isolation by leveraging micro-service architecture features. 

Resolved Database Queries:

A dominant factor for developers choosing Node JS over Ruby on Rails is that with Node JS you can work with real-time web applications. Since NoSQL and Node JS both have JavaScript in common, database queries can be resolved by bringing them together without modulating the syntax differences. 

Stimulate Sharing: 

Node JS is an ideal choice for web application development San Diego because being an open-source technology, it comes with a gigantic shared repository with highly robust tools and modules. The Node Package Manager, (NPM) has over 60K modules which not only greatly aid developers in making successful arrangements but also reusing codes with a refreshed touch without having to put in the extra effort. It also facilitates dependency management. 

Real-Time Web Application:

Node JS framework is a phenomenal choice if you’re interested to build real-time chat and gaming apps. The incredible features that Node JS possesses can create exciting features at a great speed. Since it has event-driven architecture, it is capable of handling both server-side and client-side, in other words, both front end, and back end. The synchronization process is also great in its speed. 


With Node JS gaining immense popularity with the passage of time, it is also becoming exceedingly in demand for its hosting. PaaS service providers like Nodejitsu, Modules, and Heroku are particularly allowing Node deployments without any hassle. 

Full-Stack JS: 

Since Node JS can be used for both client-side and server-side writing it actually becomes a more cost-effective choice as a business since you will not be required to hire separate developers for front end and back end respectively. 


Since Node JS is an open-source environment, it also provides the ease of caching single modules. It saves developers from having to re-execute any codes since caching web pages of applications can be uploaded more swiftly than before enhancing the user experience. 


Node JS framework is highly extensible which means that it can be customized and further extended to fulfill any specific requirements. JSON can also be used to provide the scope of exchange of data between the web server and the end-user. 


These are the reasons which make Node JS quite an excellent choice for your next web application development project! If you are interested to get web app development services from the best then get in touch with experts at Origami Studios who have experience of over 8 years in the field.