Who can get a certificate IV in aged care?

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If you are passionate about supporting elderly people and make a difference in their lives, a career in aged care is for you. By becoming an aged care worker, you can assist elders to live an independent and dignified life. Aged care professionals are mainly employed in care centers, private residences, community-based environments and hospitals. This is a high time to consider aged care courses because the number of aging population in Australia’s is constantly on the rise and there is a high demand for aged care professionals. 


In Australia, 130,200 individuals were working as Nursing Support and Personal Care Workers in 2015. It was predicted that in 2020, additional 250,200 workers will be required. It is also estimated that people aged 65 years and above will make up 18.85% of Australia’s total population in 2031. 

The need for Certificate IV in Aged Care Course

Often elderly people cannot take care of themselves and need to be supported particularly if they are not staying with their family. Medical conditions like dementia, Alzheimer and other old age problems aggravate the problem further. Though there are a number of aged care facilities in Perth but at present there is dearth of skilled workers who can assist elderly individuals. 

To address this issue, several programs have been undertaken in Australia and the Certificate IV in Aged Care Course is one of them. The course provides a deeper understanding of the skills and knowledge that one acquires in Certificate III Individual Support course. The course teaches you about how to take care of elderly individuals and you get to know about the safety procedures and the sensitivities.

About Certificate IV in Aged care

For those who are already working in the aged care industry and would like to enhance their skills, certificate IV in aged care is the next formal qualification. The qualification will allow you to work in senior level positions such as a team leader or a supervisor in the nursing and healthcare industry. This course trains you to become a leader in delivering care to the elders. Following completion of the course, you will be equipped with the necessary skills that employers look for. The qualification will allow you to facilitate planning and delivery of individual service and also support independence and welfare of clients. The course makes it mandatory for its students to complete a minimum of 120 hours of work placement in the healthcare sector.

Individuals who can get certificate IV in aged care 

To enroll in cert IV aged care course, an applicant must complete Certificate III in Individual Support or equivalent is necessary. No prior academic degree or work experience is required.

The minimum age of the applicant must be 16 years. For applicants aged less than 18 years old, either parents or guardian must sign the course enrolment form.

Australian students

Applicants must complete a minimum 10 year of schooling or equivalent or be a student aged 20 years and above.

  • An applicant must prove English language skills. If an applicant fails to produce the necessary documents that prove English language proficiency, he or she is required to appear for Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) test.

Overseas students

  • Overseas applicants need to prove their English language skills. If they fail to provide the requisite documents, they need to appear for Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) test.
  • Overseas applicants need to score at least 5.5 in IELTS test with a minimum score of 5 in individual bands or equivalent
  • Applicants must complete at least 10 years of schooling or equivalent or be a student aged 20 years and above. Applicants must also have relevant work experience.

Other requirements

  • The Certificate IV in aged care must either apply or have an up to date National Police Clearance. The clearance must not be more than 3 months old from the date of enrolment and is mandatory for workplace training.
  • A compulsory information session must be attended by applicants

Current competencies like literacy, language and numeracy skills are reviewed by the training institute to make sure that the course is appropriate for achieving your goal.

Employment opportunities

After completing Certificate IV in Aged Care, a candidate has the following employment opportunities.

  • Care Team Leader in Aged Care
  • Assistant Aged Care Coordinator
  • Service Coordinator
  • Senior Community Care Worker
  • Community Support Worker
  • Personal Care Worker
  • Disability Participate Worker
  • Transport Coordinator
  • In-home Respite Care

The leading provider of aged care courses in Perth maintains high standard of education, their training courses in particular are recognized by the government. They have customized programs that cater to students and working professionals. They have a dedicated team to provide work placement assistance and access to round the clock support and advice. They provide flexible learning options and their teaching methodologies are tested. Enroll in certificate IV in aged care course to progress your career in the aged care industry.