Which Running Shoes Should You Choose?

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Choosing shoes is a bit like choosing a car – you need to pick the right shoe for what you are planning to do. In the same way you would not pick a sports car for a family road trip, buying the wrong type of shoes can mean some negative effects on your wallet and body.

Athletic shoes generally come in two types – running or walking. The prices are pretty similar for the two types of shoes, but each have their own advantages depending on how you use them. This article gives you a quick steer in how to pick the right shoes for your needs – and how to go about choosing them.

Variety is the spice of life

Walking into Australian Nike stores is like a sweet shop full of choices! The first trick is not allowing yourself to get sucked into looking at the brightest, most expensive option right from the outset. Go in with a clear plan about what you need your shoes for, and how you will make your decision.

First, think about your life and what you will be wearing your shoes for. Are you looking for an all-rounder, or a more specialist athletic shoe such as running or walking? With the multitude of choice on offer nowadays, there is no need to pick the wrong shoe. 

Doing so will mean you get reduced lifespan from your shoe, which can become an expensive mistake. Walking shoes do not cope well with running for example, and will show signs of wear and tear pretty quickly if you use them for the wrong purpose. 

In short – think horses for courses. Whether you plan to dance, play tennis, run, hike, go to the gym, walk around town, think first and foremost about what you want to do with your shoes. From there, you are set to go with your decision!

Your shoes and your body

You may think that shoes are all about your feet. In fact, the wrong footwear can have implications for your ankles, legs, hips and even your back and neck. Given the way the skeletal system is interconnected, shoes without the right support for your sole or ankle can have a long-lasting effect on the majority of your body.

The motions of walking or running create pressure on your feet. The best fitting shoes work in conjunction with your feet to absorb this pressure and distribute it around your ankles and legs in the most comfortable way. 

This is especially important with running. Running is actually an unnatural motion for humans, so the more support you can provide for your feet and body, the better. This is where custom running shoes from & Nike stores in AU are the best choice possible. They give the best protection, cushioning and support for the whole foot and ankle as your feet pound the floor. 

Substance over style

To varying degrees, most modern shoes look good. So you can rest assured that you can choose a stylish shoe. However, not all shoes are the same. 

Trying shoes on is essential before you buy. Do not just walk up and down the store a couple of times and make your choice based on how comfortable it feels. Most good shoes will feel comfortable simply from walking. Carry out a slightly more rigorous test and examine the sole for support, and how it will shape to fit your foot. Also, examine the ankle support. This is vital for ensuring comfort up your whole leg and into your back and neck. Well-fitting shoes can also provide valuable cushioning for your joints and bones. 

Look inside and out

Lastly, look at the exterior of the shoe and test it for durability. You should also consider the material, and how much it allows your feet to breathe. 

Well-vented shoes can also have other health benefits for your feet. Allowing your feet to breathe can help avoid conditions such as athlete’s foot or other fungal conditions. 

Some manufacturers also use a combination of leather and other synthetic materials to keep the costs down on some types of shoe. If you are looking for pure leather, be sure to check the label accordingly, especially if you are shopping in the mid-price range or below.