What’s New About SuccessFactors Learning Management System?

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“Nearly 76% of HR leaders say that employee onboarding is inefficient or underutilized in their organization.”

Companies have been channelizing a huge amount of investment towards employee learning and training. Employment of specialized learning systems, sponsoring training for specialization, and skill development sessions make it pretty much evident how important it is to encourage human capital learning to mine the best out of them. 

SAP SuccessFactors – and unmatched employee learning solution

SAP SuccessFactors brings to you the unparalleled reliability of the SAP ERP solutions, encompassed in a versatile learning management solution. SAP SuccessFactors removes the tediousness and inefficiency of the learning management process and equips you with the most robust and minimalistic human capital management system.

The management and training solution is loaded with some of the most useful employee learning tools, enabling you to 

  • maintain reports, 
  • records, and 
  • insights for better management and training. 

The new learning management solution with SAP Jam Integration


No need to crush yourself under mails and files!

The new SAP SuccessFactors has been integrated with SAP Jam, a cloud-based social platform facilitating easy content sharing and collaboration. SAP Jam integration makes content sharing and management much easier by providing a common social media platform for sharing and collaboration of information.

The users can now share- 

  • information, 
  • videos, 
  • presentation, and 
  • other content from anywhere around the globe and encourage learning. 

SAP Jam also facilitates creating and participating in discussions, providing a holistic learning environment. SAP’s learning management system eliminates the need for piling up emails and files (that were much difficult to track).

Unmatched Data analytics and planning 

The exceptional HCM solution facilitates data-driven tracking of the performance and insights through a cloud-based system. 

SAP SuccessFactors enables you to track the trends periodically with an advanced analytical tool. The system also enables users to make better decisions and predict risk and opportunities through data-driven analytics.   

The reliability of SAP ERP solutions facilitates better planning and resource management. Using ad hoc and what-if analysis, you can judge the outcomes of your decisions and identify and compare alternative courses of action to minimize the amount of risk. All this is done through 

  • high-end visualizations
  • data models
  • interactive insights, and much more.

These make learning more interactive. 

Personalized learning

74% of the employees believe that they’re unable to reach their full potential

The learning requirements of each employee differ from the other. SAP SuccessFactors provides personalized learning for the human resource according to the needs and approach of the learning of the employees.

The HCM solution provides integrated learning through an open content network and efficient content management services. Before letting the employees step into the practical working environment, the system encourages an academic-style learning approach to make the employees aware of the appropriate working approach.

SAP’s learning modules also provide easy “How-to-Guys” guides, encompassing all the working requirements. The guides are pretty much user-friendly and can be understood by every employee. Thus, the system makes it very much clear whom the training is to be delivered and what are the approaches to be used, making it an exceptional HCM platform. 

SAP’s learning solution – not just for the employees 

SAP’s learning is not confined just to the employees but has a wider scope. SAP has been able to create a marketplace for learning, comprising employees, customers, owners, and other external and internal users.

Encouraging learning as well as transparency, the SAP enhances the credibility of the organization by conveying an idea of authenticity. Making search engines a virtual marketplace for learning, SAP SuccessFactors provides customized e-learning modules and courses for the users and helps the superiors to track performances through data-driven analysis. Also, the end-users can track the course details, reviews, and ratings of the course.  

The HCM solution offers a wide range of presets for talent and workforce management. These metrics make training delivery even more precise and makes content management easier.         

To Wrap up

Imparting appropriate learning and developing goal-oriented skills in human resources has been a concern for every organization. Human resource is an integral part of every organization. Encouraging interactive learning through visualizations and data-driven learning modules helps the human resource to mine the best out of them and give a boost to goal achievement by increasing employee engagement.