What Things To Consider Before Applying For Australian Visitor Visa?

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Are you planning to visit Australia for a holiday or business trip? Then, the only way to do this is by applying for a visitor visa. Australia chiefly offers three types of visitor visas to all its overseas applicants. These include the visitor visa 600, subclass 601 ETA and the e Visitor (subclass 650). You have to apply for your visitor visa before coming to Australia. Conversely, you are allowed to do the opposite if you are a New Zealand passport holder or Australian citizen 

Begin with a professional immigration assistance

No matter which visitor visa you are applying for, you must become aware of its nitty-gritty first. You should also get valuable bits of information about the official processes related to that. So, hire an accomplished immigration lawyer Perth to initiate your visa application in the right way.  Your immigration lawyer will provide you a comprehensive assistance regarding the entire process of your visa application. These include assisting you in gathering the essential documents, meeting the eligibility criteria till your visa’s final decision.

Types of Visitor Visas 

So, you are already aware of the names of the three types of visitor visas. Now it’s time to get acquainted with the details of each of them. In-depth bits of information about each of them can be considered below. 

eVisitor Visa 

The eVisitor Visa is completely a free visa for applicants to apply. With this visa, you can stay in Australia for not more than 3 months. While applying for this visa online, you should be outside Australia and not inside. 

Visitor Visa (subclass 600) 

If you are planning to visit Australia for a business or short-term trip, then, do apply for this visa. You can apply for the visitor visa 600 from both inside and outside Australia. You need to apply online and no offline of application is offered. With this visa, you can stay in Australia between periods of 3 to 12 months. The cost of this visa varies from $135 to $1000, depending on the length of your trip. 

What else? 

Tourists from People’s Republic of China can also come to Australia on this visa but only on group trips. You can get the assistance of the best immigration solicitors and apply for this visa successfully. 

ETA Visa (Subclass 600) 

The Electronic Travel Authority Visa (Subclass 600) allows you to visit Australia multiple times within a period of 1 year. You can visit Australia every 3 months with your ETA 600 visa. You can apply from both inside and outside Australia according to the country whose passport holder you are. 

Consider the Visa Requirements

The Department of Home Affairs wants applicants to comply with a number of requirements in general. You need to meet these formalities regardless of the type of visitor visa you have chosen. These include the following: 

  • Make sure that you have submitted your biometrics without a miss.
  • Show documents to the DoHA which prove that you have met all the health and character requirements properly. 
  • You should also show sufficient proofs which substantiate that you financially support your family. 
  • Do clarify to the Australian immigration department the purpose for which you are visiting Australia. These can either be for a business or holiday trip or to visit any of your friends or relatives. 

Before you start with the visa application process, it’s always better to get valuable immigration tips and ideas. In this regard, the best visa lawyers Perth can provide you their unmatched assistance. 

The duration of the processing time

The length of the processing time varies reasonably depending on the type of visitor visa you have applied for. It also depends on the fact that whether you have met your visa requirements properly or not. There might occur an unwanted delay in the processing time if the DoHA finds your submitted application as faulty. This means either you have given wrong information in your application or you haven’t met all the required eligibility criteria 

What’s next?

The general processing time of a visitor visa is 20-33 days if all the circumstances are in your favour. Conversely, there are some visitor visas which offer same day processing services. In some cases, the processing time of your visitor visa can be as long as 2 months also. The country to which you belong can also have an impact on the processing time of your visitor visa. 

Coverage by Visitor Visa Health Insurance

Prior to applying for your visitor visa, you also need to take another crucial factor into consideration. This requires you to obtain the visitor visa health insurance both for you and your family members. There are different visitor visa healthcare policies you will come across. So, opt only for that option which suits your current immigration status the most. 

Get the best immigration assistance!

So, to apply for a visitor visa, contact the best immigration lawyers in Perth right now. The moment you think who are the best immigration lawyer near me, feel free to get in touch with them.