What Should be Covered in OnePlus Mobile Screen Protection Plan?

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The premium brand OnePlus emerged as a leader in the smartphone business in 2019 by occupying a whopping 37% share in the market. Nevertheless, being a premium brand, the cost of maintaining a repairing OnePlus device is quite expensive for users who belong to price-sensitive markets. 

For instance, only the cost of the screen of the handset model OnePlus 7T Pro is around Rs.15,610. Such a high cost not just requires users to be extra cautious when it comes to handling their mobile phone sets but also demands prompt action to get the device repaired quickly. 

Notably, a large number of devices are bought on EMI, and not everyone has the means to arrange such a high amount for prompt repair. This is why more individuals are opting for the OnePlus protection plan as a means to cover for the costly repair or replacement of their device’s parts.

Instances that are covered by a mobile insurance policy

Before OnePlus users decide to purchase a particular mobile protection plan, they must seek out the instances that are covered by it. This will not only help them to make a more informed decision pertaining to a specific insurance policy but will also help them to customise it accordingly.

Typically, a leading insurance aggregator, Bajaj Finserv, offers a Mobile Screen Insurance policy that covers –

  • Accidental damages

OnePlus users must understand that their smartphone’s 1-year warranty is often limited to system failure and does not necessarily include damages caused to its screen accidentally. Nevertheless, when individuals get their device insured with OnePlus insurance policy against screen damage, it covers the cost of repair accrued for repairing the damaged screen. 

  • Breakdown

Damages incurred to screen of the smartphone due to mechanical or electrical breakdown is also covered in mobile screen insurance policy. Such damages include breakage or damage due to spillage of liquid on the screen. Notably, policyholders can raise a claim for damages only if the smartphone was in their possession during the time. 

Notably, the mobile screen cover plan does not include damages to the mobile’s charger. Policyholders can avail additional coverage like mobile charger insurance policy and protect their charger against financial liabilities arising due to mechanical or electrical breakdown.

  • Natural and manmade perils

Damages sustained under the following instances would be covered by a mobile insurance policy for screen damage –

  1. Fire
  2. Explosion
  3. Lightning
  4. Disintegration

Also, screen damages incurred in the event of – earthquake, flood, riots, strike, cyclone, etc. are also financially covered under the said insurance policy. Alternatively, for extensive coverage, they can consider Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions like Purchase Protection Insurance from Bajaj Finserv and meet the subsequent financial liability accordingly. 

  • Theft and burglary

Any sort of damages incurred in the event of theft and robbery is also covered by OnePlus protection plan. However, a policyholder can raise such a claim only if the mishap had occurred at a premise which had been mentioned on their Certificate of Insurance. 

It must be noted that the amount of money offered as coverage would not exceed the invoice value of the OnePlus model at any time. Also, the extent of coverage offered by different insurance policy aggregators may vary from one another. While at it, they should also find out the terms associated with raising a claim.

In a nutshell, screen damages resulting from accidents, breakdown, theft and burglary, fire, etc. are covered in the OnePlus protection plan for mobile screen. Factors pertaining to coverage value, exclusions and terms of raising a claim must be looked into before purchasing a particular insurance policy for a less cumbersome process.