What is the Best Flea for My Dog?

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The best anti-flea method for dogs is, of course, knowing very well what the antiparasitic needs of the animal are and the great offer of anti-fleas on the market. Here we show you which are the best dog flea and why it is so important to protect our best friend against these parasites.

All dog owners have suffered them to some extent, to a greater or lesser extent. Small, fast, almost imperceptible (especially in dark-haired animals), and extremely annoying, fleas are the most common external parasite in our pets.

The flea is a 1.5 to 3.3 mm insect. Long, dark in color, which feeds on the blood of its host. They do not have wings but their legs are adapted for jumping, and they can jump up to 200 times the length of their body (about 33 cm. Approximately), making them the best jumper among animals about their size.

Their body is almost flat laterally, which makes it easier for them to move between the hairs or feathers of the animals they parasitize. Fleas are transmitters of various diseases and can seriously harm the health of our dogs.

The Most Effective Antiparasitic Against Fleas

When it comes to preventing and fighting a flea infestation, we must properly choose the products that we will use according to the circumstances of each specific case. They must always be quality and safe products for our pets and the environment; We must not forget that antiparasitic drugs are powerful chemicals, before using any product we must consult the vet for approval. Below we analyze some of the most recommended best flea products to eliminate these pesky parasites:

Program Flea Pills

It is an antiparasitic in tablets that prevents fleas from reproducing. It should be administered once a month (the dose depends on the weight of the animal), along with food so that the dog’s body assimilates it better. It is made with lufenuron, a component that prevents the formation of chitin from the exoskeleton of fleas. Thus, when they bite our dog, they ingest that element that they subsequently transmit to their eggs, preventing larvae from hatching and interrupting their biological cycle. It is effective for a month, and can be administered to any dog, including pregnant females and puppies that already eat solid food.

This product is highly effective but does not kill adult fleas, so it may need to be supplemented with other adult-killing action fleas for total eradication.

Pre-Sell Antiparasitic Collar

This collar has a specific action against fleas, although it also protects against ticks. Thanks to its organophosphate insecticide, the parasites are paralyzed and later die. The substance is released slowly through the fatty layer of our dog bed for a pit bull or pets’ skin and lasts up to 200 days. It does not decrease its effectiveness with water or humidity. 

Advantage Flea Pipettes

These spot-on pipettes eliminate both the adult fleas of our dog and the larvae present in the environment in just 12 hours, and prevents possible infestations. Its application is very simple and comfortable, the solution is distributed on our dog’s skin and kills fleas by direct contact, preventing them from biting. They are waterproof and effective for one month.

We can also acquire antiparasitic of combined action that, apart from fleas, also fight ticks and lice, such as the Seresto collar and the Frontline, Frontline Combo, and Flevox Fipronil pipettes, among others. Likewise, we find products that have a repellent effect against mosquitoes, for example, Taber and Scalibor necklaces and Advantix pipettes.

In cases of severe infestations by external parasites, it may be advisable to bathe our dog with an antiparasitic shampoo. Another highly recommended product in these cases is the Frontline spray, which has immediate action after application, is water-resistant and its effect lasts up to 3 months against fleas and 1 month against ticks. Also, remember once again that we should always consult the choice with our vet.

Do you want to know more about the best flea products? Leave us your questions and our expert veterinarians will help you in any way possible!