What Is Insta Stalker on Instagram

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Get all the essential information regarding who is an Insta stalker and what Insta stalking? You just have to spare some time to read this article to get all information about the ways that stalkers opt for stalking and the ways that an Instagrammer opts to avoid and caught stalkers. Let us dive in!

Who Is An Insta Stalker?

Insta Stalker is a person who kept an eye on each and every move (posts, stories, videos, pictures) of a specific person whom he wants to stalk on Instagram without their knowledge. Insta stalking is basically a tracking activity that a person performs to get all the daily details of someone’s IG account without their permission. If you daily scroll someone’s profile to view their posts then it is called stalking. You can never stalk a private profile as stalkers can always track public account activities.

How To Stalk Someone’s IG Profile?

There are many tools and websites that provide you facility to anonymously stalk someone’s account. There are also some Insta stalking websites and tools that assist you in admiring someone whether it is a profile of an influential person or your ex-GF / BF.

How to Identify Stalkers?

Insta stories are a great way to track down stalkers. Previously, Instagram did not allow its users to identify the people who saw their stories, but now it is really easy to detect a stalker that is often seen in your stories. The eye icon reveals everything, and when you tap on it, you will see the viewer’s profile who just saw your story.

Another source to detect the stalkers is third-party applications. Some of them are not completely secure but some are really worthy like Ig analyzer, Instamutual, and more. They would provide you complete data analysis about your profile like who visited frequently, who blocked and unfollowed you.

Stalkers can also be identified if they frequently like and post comments on your every latest post. If someone creates your fan page then this is also a clue that he is your frequent stalker. 

How to Protect Your IG Account from Stalkers?

Following are the ways to avoid stalkers. Just look at them!

By Keeping Your Account Private

In private Insta account, no one would ever be allowed to stalk someone’s posts, videos, stories & photos except for followers. A private account is just as safe as a home. No one would ever track your Insta activities. If someone wants to, they have to follow your first and it is a kind of permission to enter their home.

Block Them

Another option to getting rid of stalkers is to block them! If you identify your stalkers then you can easily block them so that they will not able to stalk you again. Blocking someone is really a quick method. Just visit their profile and tap the three dots and there you’ll get an option to block them. That’s all!

Warn Them

Warn them by sending them a notice in a form of a message or reply to their comment that stop tracking me and my every post otherwise ill take serious action against you or block you. Just show them that you are brave enough.

Remove From Your Account

If a stalker is from your followers and he is someone you get irritated now, then you can also take them out of your Instagram by going to your follower’s list and tap ‘Remove’ to get that person out of your list.

I hope now all of your queries regarding Insta stalkers or Insta stalking are solved now!