What are the case details of Mohammad Haris Nalapad?

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Nalapad Ahmed Haris is the father of the Mohammad Haris NalapadHe is one of the Indian businessmen and politicians of the Indian National Congress and also a member of the Karnataka Legislative assembly from the Shanthinagar constituency. He won the seat by nineteen thousand votes in 2013 the Karnataka legislative election. He is also working as the chairman of the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation. 

The early life of the Mohammad Haris Nalapad:

His father is one of the MLA in the Indian National Congress. He is also a senior youth congress leader of Karnataka. He has a close relationship with Rahul Gandhi. He was suspended by Congress for six years after the uproar for this insane crime.

Nalapad is the youth congress general secretary in Bangalore is the center of the massive controversy in the state of Karnataka.

What is the first fight of Mohammad Haris Nalapad?

  • Mohammad Haris Nalapad is the son of Congress MLA. Nalapad has a verbal dispute with the victims. 
  • The fight has happened when Nalapad objected to the Vidvat, who was eating along with his friend Praveen. When vidvat rudely asking to the Nalapad mind your own business and Nalapad starts fighting with vidvat with his accomplices.
  • Praveen took the vidvat with bleeding to the nearby private hospital for the treatment. Nalapad was punched in the face and chest of the vidvat.
  • Then FIR was filed against the Nalapad and his five friends for attacking the vidvat in Fergy café.
  • The statements of the Cubbon Park inspector Vijaya Hadagalli describe the whole incident in these investigations. 
  • After this shameful incident the chief minister Siddaramaiah also tweeted on their Twitter page as offenders must be punished to the full extent that they are no less and no more.
  • BJP state unit president and former chief minister B.S. Yeddyurappa also tweeted as I am horrified and condemned the attack by MLAs son on the innocent vidvat. The police musty arrest the culprit and restore the public confidence in the rule of the law. The Congress MLA also enlightenment his son to surrender.
  • This is the not first reaction of the Nalapad in this way. In 20176, the Nalapad was attacking a man in a bar in Bangalore. 

Why is FIR silent on weapons used by the Mohammad Haris Nalapad?

He was beating the Vidvat with the knuckle duster according to the complaint. 

Vidvat friend Praveen mentioned the weapon in the complaint but the same weapon is not mentioned in the FIR statement. 

The special public prosecutor said that is a weapon attacking the person to attempt the murder. 

The complaint was stated as the accused attacked the vidvat by the bottles and rings but in the FIR only bottles are mentioned.  The special public prosecutor argued at the moment as the accused hit the vidvat by the bottles because the bottles are in front of them. By hitting the victim by the rings clearly advocated that the Nalapad and his friends want to kill him.