Walton Chase Review | Why should you choose this broker? (www.waltonchase.com)

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Searching for a reliable forex trading platform? It can be tiresome when you are searching for a new trading platform. When you are looking at huge numbers of trading platforms and just don’t know if they are reliable or not. This is the reason we need to provide the people with our personal, unbiased reviews that can help beginners and experts find the way through all the massive amounts of trading platforms that are so easily accessible to all.

So, I want you to give me a review onWaltonChase. A trading platform that I trust will be beneficial to all. But I don’t just mean to tell how great WaltonChase is or that you should be their client because that choice is entirely up to you. I will tell you about all the features and services that this platform has to offer. I will detail all that this platform is about, its mission and vision along with its security details.

WaltonChase is a new modernized platform that has services specifically made for all types of traders and not just the expert. Because of this new wave of technology and interest of people in online trading WaltonChase has made its platform with a modern architect and the kind of trading experience which is unlike any you will have.

Trading Experience

WaltonChase has enabled its platform to provide all clients with cutting edge experience through simply their services. As they provide massive options for everything, it’s as though the clients can customize the platform according to their liking. Let’s start with the website’s main page. You will see that everything you need to access is present on the main page. You can notice how the main pages such as Trading platform, Education Center, Account Types, and Info are all only a click away. Along with that, you see that the live chat option to contact the representative of the platform is built in the platform.

The platform is built on modern technology and tends that every trader requires. It’s so simple that anyone with little to even no knowledge can get the hang of the trading platform. All the information is provided with the use of the basic language making it easier for everyone to understand the trading platform. Sometimes another platform tends to use the trading lingo which can be very difficult for people with little experience in trading to decipher. Hence, these days it is important that a trading platform make sure everything they provide should be simply at a level where it is understandable by the majority of the client base.

The trading platform tends to be very flexible. They provide a very modernized version of the chart. Where you can assess and analyze your trades. The information that is necessary to get a full overview of your trade along with options to customize the chart is completely up to the traders.

It shows very clearly that making the platform user-friendly was WaltonChase’s top priority and they certainly have outdone themselves in this regard.

Modern Architecture

The modern architecture of the platform itself is for the ease of the people. So, they can get to know the services and account types. So, there is also trading flexibility. With this modern architecture, of course, everything is being taken into account. From their security reach to their contact reach. They have improved style to the trading platform as well. Note the platform is providing extensive education as well which I will discuss separately. 

The platform includes all sorts of policies to protect the client like Terms and conditions, privacy policy, bonus policy, risk disclosure statement, Anti-money laundering policy, and KYC and withdrawal, refund & cancellation policy. This modern architecture of the website also allows new clients to indulge in the trading scene. Making it easy for them to be a part of the trading world and learn something new. Hence everything on the site is easy and simple to comprehend.

WaltonChase thought of everything while making this platform specifically targeted for its client’s ease. The only thing I can point out here that the platform online offers one dialect which they can expand on and that they have the payment options of VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, and Bank Wire which can also include PayPal for the clients that would want the comfort of another option.

Flawless Execution


The platform works flawlessly. From their trading services to their withdrawal speed. Everything is upgraded and run smoothly. Now, some platforms tend to be slow while executing the trade but WaltonChase has taken no risk in this department. They have made sure the trade occurs without any hiccups. You will notice that each asset that they provide consists of all the information that you would require to analyze it. Hence, it gives you better chances of making profits.

Powerful Trade Tool

The amazing and technologically improvised tool for trade that this platform provides is something that you will not get on a lot of other platforms. So, in the trade itself, you have the option to select various asset varieties from Stocks, Indices, Crypto, Commodities, to Currencies. Each asset gives you then a vast range of assets that you can choose from. The platform offers more than 200+ popular tradable assets. And that is a huge range for you available there. Do not be afraid of the wide range as you will have the necessary information you will require on each of those. Just make sure that you read through everything and gain as much knowledge as you can and WaltonChase makes even that easy for you.

Be confident in your trading abilities and if at any point that you get stuck or require more help you can always contact the platform’s representatives and sort out your concerns. Either way, you will be making great trading decisions and profit on this platform regardless.

The tools that this platform provides will be able to help even the beginner to make safe trading decisions. As everything is created to help all sorts of traders so no one will have that problem in this area. You are all set whether you are new or an expert in the trading world.

Account Types


Now comes the main part of any trading platform. The account types. To have various account types on a platform is ideal. WaltonChase has once again done it’s best to provide account types that will accommodate all types of traders to partake in trading. So, the platform gives four magnificent account types. All of which carry a different assortment of features.

WaltonChase is committed to providing services that anybody can make use of. So, the account types are also designed in a manner that any beginner level trader or an expert can choose the features with the account types according to their liking. The four account types are Silver (deposit of 10K), Gold (deposit of 50K), Platinum (deposit of (250K), and Institutional (invitation only). Experts traders can make use of Platinum and Institutional accounts and Beginners or intermediate level traders can benefit from Silver and Gold Account types.

The feature in account types includes Lucrative Spreads, Prioritized Withdrawal Process, Significant Leverages, Senior Manager, Risk Management Planning, Private Analyst Sessions, Special Venture Promotions, Access To Lucrative VIP Events, Arbitrage Trading.

All the above-mentioned features occur to some degree in each account type while to make most of all the features in one single account type then you will have to choose either Platinum account type or Institutional account type


Education is also significant these days. Considering that a lot of people are taking interest in online trading. So, the platforms must start to provide some educational material through which any beginner or expert can refresh and gain more knowledge. The way that WaltonChase solves this problem is by providing a large range of categorized education centers. That includes eBooks, Asset index, FAQ, and glossary. All of which are essential for traders.

Starting with eBooks, it is very special to me as I have gone through all of their eBooks. From the beginner level to the expert advanced level books that they provide to the general public. That is how generous this platform is. They provide all the education centers free for anybody to take advantage of.

So, the eBooks that they provide are simple to read and understand with a lot of knowledge to gain. Along with that, I would say that they could expand that variety.

The asset index is another way that traders can learn some details regarding any specific asset that they want to invest in. The asset index is managed alphabetically and gives details on the trading hour and expiry rule.

FAQ section is where common questions are answered. So if you have any questions in your mind be sure to check if it is answered in the FAQ section as it covers quite basic questions that most people have in their mind.

Last Comments

Hopefully, my review helps you in making some sort of analysis and decision on this platform. If you have learned anything new about the platform here then do check it out and see for yourself that this platform does provide some unique services to its clients.