Visit Close Margao 5 best places for a happy vacation in 2020!

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Sun, sand and sea shores, Goa is about the three and in the event that you are dreaming about a vacay which is spent on sparkling sea shores, at that point Goa is your kinda place! Goa is the smallest state in India and Margao is one of the most famous urban areas of Goa.. From antiquated chapels to Portuguese structures, Margao has a great deal to offer to all voyagers. Not just the city has incredible spots to investigate however it likewise has bistros and cafés that merit visiting. For the individuals who are pondering about spots to visit close Margao, here is a guide which has a rundown of spots that all explorers must visit on their excursion! If you want best Goa Tour Packages Contact Us.

5 Places To Visit Near Margao 

Check this complicated rundown of spots that you ought to investigate in Margao and close to it on your get-away. Keep looking down at the best places to visit near Margao, Goa! Read on!

Church Of Holy Spirit 

Colva Beach 

Shri Damodar Temple 

Our Lady Of Grace Church 

Benaulim Beach 

1. Church Of Holy Spirit 

The Church of the Holy Spirit has been built on the land where there was a Hindu sanctuary. One of the most frequented spots to visit in Margao, Church Of Holy Spirit was first worked in 1564 AD and got broke when it burst into flames. The congregation was remade in 1589 AD and was blessed in the time of 1595 AD. The primary special stepped area of the Church of Holy Spirit is devoted to the Virgin Mary. This Church has rich insides and it draws numerous sightseers by its effortlessness. 

Good ways from area: 3.5 Km 

2. Colva Beach 

Visiting Goa and not making a beeline for its beguiling sea shores is out of line thus you should visit the prestigious Colva Beach in Goa. While considering the Beaches close Margao, one of the most popular touist spots to visit close Margao is the Colva Beach which is known for its white sand, ocean shacks, bars, coconut palm, and eateries. You can basically sit at the sea shore while appreciating the captivating perspective on the Arabian ocean meeting the skyline. The cafés and bars serve luscious food and beverages which you should attempt. 

Good ways from area: 7.0 Km 

3. Shri Damodar Temple 

Searching for spots to visit in Margao or the close by attractions where you can achieve serenity? Head to the shocking hallowed spot of the Hindus living in the Margao city. The primary symbol is identified with the Church of Holy Spirits as this was exactly the same icon which was expelled from the spot so a congregation could be worked there. Ruler Damodar is the divinity which is loved in the sanctuary and he is supposed to be a type of Lord Shiva. Sightseers from everywhere throughout the world visit this sanctuary to see the fantastic design of the sanctuary. 

Good ways from area: 3.8 Km 

4. Our Lady Of Grace Church 

An advanced structure which champions among different places of worship in Goa because of its one of a kind cross of the restored Jesus Christ. This congregation is a military church and is one of the most famous spots to visit in Margao, Goa because of its uniqueness and significance its hold among the Christians dwelling in Goa. 

Good ways from area: 4.5 Km 

5. Benaulim Beach 

Do you love fishing and sunbathing? On the off chance that, yes the Benaulim Beach is where you should stop by while you are investigating the territory of Goa. You can take an interest in daring exercises like stream skiing, parasailing, vessel riding, fishing and windsurfing at this quiet sea shore. In the event that you are finished with the exciting exercises, you can swim or prepare for fast sunbath at this sea shore. Visit this sea shore toward the beginning of the day as it isn’t packed at that time. 

Good ways from area: 10.2 Km 

Visiting the territory of Goa which has an energizing nightlife, remarkable cafés, and antiquated structures? Try not to pass up the perfect spots to visit close Margao or you will think twice about it later. From the places of worship to the sea shores, everything merits visiting and catching on your polaroids.In short, what are you doing? Pick your dates, get pressed, take a couple of notes from this guide and plan you Goa vacay immediately!