Vaping Facts, What We Should Know

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There are high chances that you have probably heard of vaping. It is the inhaling of vapor created by an electronic cigarette or other vaping devices. Initially established as an alternative to traditional tobacco-based cigarettes, vaping has quickly risen in popularity exploding into a billion-dollar industry enjoyed by thousands of people especially young adults. Vaping has practically become a culture on its own. However, due to the many controversial opinions on vaping, getting the real facts and reliable vape news can be difficult leaving people confused about what’s what. Here are a couple of facts that could help you learn more about vaping.

Vaping Is not Smoking

 This is a common misconception that most people have about vaping. 

While not completely untoward, people do exhale clouds of vapor when vaping, which can look like smoke from a distance, the two are completely two different concepts. When you vape you inhale and exhale vapor which is formed after a liquid is heated at high temperatures. However, smoke is technically a waste of a burned product. Thus when you burn the cigarette, it creates smoke and you inhale this smoke with all the harmful chemicals it produces.

Vaping is Much Safer Than Smoking

Using traditional tobacco-based cigarettes involves burning the cigarette which in turn creates smoke. It is this very smoke that produces tar and carbon monoxide the two components that cause most of the long-term health damages caused by smoking. Vaping on other hand does not create smoke meaning it will not contain tar or carbon monoxide the most harmful components. In fact, the British Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England and American National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine all concur that vaping is safer than smoking.

Vaping E-Liquids Come In a Wide Array of Flavors

The multiple flavors of vape juices available are probably one of the biggest attractions of vaping. Vaping not only gives individuals an alternative to traditional cigarettes but it gives you a sensory experience. There are more than 7,000 different flavors of vape juices available. Thus you have endless options to choose from. All you have to do is walk into any vape shop and pick your favorite option. The flavors are usually grouped with the most popular categories being tobacco, beverages, mint, desserts, fruit, breakfast, and menthol.

Secondhand Vaping Does Happen

I know sounds odd but it does happen. Think of traditional smoking. A common health hazard associated with smoking is passive smoking which means that people living with or near a smoker can involuntarily inhale the smoke. Passive smokers can even suffer from some health-related risks due to passive smoke. This same situation can also happen with vaping. People can inhale the vapors from your vaping pen and be exposed to substances such as nicotine or THC that they may not be comfortable being exposed to. Thus as a vaper, you should take responsibility for your vaping. No need to expose others to second-hand smoke they may not be comfortable with.

With Vaping, you have No Unpleasant Cigarette Smells

Let us be honest cigarette smell is pungent and has a tendency to linger. Furthermore, this smell is not for everyone. Most people are not comfortable with it. However with vaping, no more stale cigarette smell. Rather what you get is an odorless vapor. You get to enjoy your nicotine fix without having to worry about people complaining about the smell or people telling you later on that you smell like cigarettes.

Vaping Does have Potential Risk

While vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking it is not without its side effects. Though it is a relatively new product and its risk have not been thoroughly researched. Thus we do not fully understand every potential risk vaping could present. Remember vape pens usually contains nicotine which is an addictive substance. Furthermore, there has been an increased outbreak of lung injuries (EVALI) and death associated with vaping. However, these cases usually appear in individuals using modified vaping devices and black market modified e-liquids. To be safe, your best option is to use e-liquids and devices from legal and reliable sources.

There Is An Option For Every Budget

Thinking of trying out vaping but do not think you have the money. Well not to worry. The vaping industry is a billion-dollar industry that is highly competitive. Thus there are a wide array of products available at varying prices that can suit practically every user. All you have to do is check your budget, figure out how much you are willing to spend, and go on and get it! Trust me there is a vape out there with your name on it.

We hope this information helps you understand vaping better and will help you make better decisions concerning vaping. There are always new trends to vaping and it is important to keep up with what’s new on vape news from time to time so that you can decide wisely on whether to vape or not to vape!