Types of Jewelry That Look Great Stacked

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When you set out to put on your jewelry for the day, you’re surely thinking about what pieces look the best with your outfit of the day as well as what necklace looks best with a certain pair of earrings, and so on. But how often do you think about how a certain piece can work with others of the same sort? Stacking or layering your pieces, be it rings, necklaces, or something else entirely, can take an already wonderful piece of jewelry and create an all the more incredible look.



Stackable rings are a particularly popular option for layering, combining a variety of styles and metals to create a unique layered look. When you stack rings, you might have a sterling silver band joined by an intricate gold ring to help these details coordinate with any combination of materials and styles. You can even find a wide range of pre-curated ring sets that can help you mix, match, and stack rings that you know will always work beautifully together.



As great as a stackable ring set will be, it’s not the only opportunity to layer your favorite jewelry. Layer long necklaces with short, chunky with more delicate, and sterling silver with gold, and so on. If you have an extensive Sunflower Necklace collection, you’ve surely found yourself stressed over not being able to choose one to wear for the day. Why not give yourself room to choose a few? You can even purchase special spacers meant to layer your favorite necklaces with one dedicated clasp.



Stacking bracelets is possibly the easiest idea for stacking your favorite pieces of jewelry, if only through classic bangles. Bangles are far from the only option, though. You’ll find that nearly any combination of bracelets could work together. Pay attention to the items in your collection and determine which ones work best with one or the other. You might take some time and energy to test out different combinations and see which of these combinations blend best together. Look for boho beads or fine jewels and gems. You won’t know whether you love a certain grouping without giving it a try! If you’re looking for beautiful necklaces to add to your collection, you can check out Adinas Jewels.



Unlike bracelets, necklaces, and rings, you can’t just add an extra set of earrings to the pair you’re already wearing. Instead, you’ll want to look towards the different ear piercings you could take advantage of, giving you extra spaces for all your favorite earrings. If you don’t want to get another piercing, turn instead to your go-to brand’s offerings for clip-on or cuff earrings that don’t require a whole new piercing at all.



Of course, you might not want a forearm coated with watches—even the most timely watch-wearer would certainly find that to be excessive! Instead, though, you can take your watch as you would a bracelet, combining it with your favorite bangles or cuffs. Even padding just one or two bracelets flanking your everyday timepiece (even a smartwatch, if that’s your style!) can make that much more of an impact.

Your go-to jewelry is the sort that showcases your personal style and disposition. It makes complete sense that you would want your pieces to show off that unique style! With stackable ring sets, bracelet bundles, and other jewelry combinations, you can highlight more than just one or two favorites each day. Instead, you can match up a combination of complementary styles and pieces, with each one adding a page to the sparkling story of you that jewelry is meant to tell. With every stack, you’ll have another chapter added to your DIY novel—all of which will add up to tell passersby a story of who you are and what your jewelry means to you.