Top Tips To Keeping Healthy Skin

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We all dream of having radiant, glowing skin; however, being the ultimate multitasker achieving healthy skin in the modern-day world is challenging. The skin hardly ever catches a break between keeping out harmful microbiomes, regulating temperature, and regenerating collagen. Comparatively, the day-to-day hassle in our lives makes it hard to fit in and keep up a consistent skincare regimen. Luckily, the beauty world intersects with science to create viable and efficient skin care solutions for healthy skin lovers from all walks of life. Whether you’re a working mom, a full-time student, or simply a busy bee with no room for regular skin pampering, we’ve compiled some pointers to maintain healthy skin effortlessly.

1. Get the right products

Don’t just rush to your beauty supply store and pick the fanciest skincare products from the shelf. Take a moment to understand your skin type and its needs; is it oily, dry, sensitive, or a combination of textures. Covering the basics of your skin will help you tailor shop for the perfect skincare fit. Understand your skin’s needs and target those problems. Whether its hydration, revitalization, moisture or how to regain elasticity in skin, there’s always a suited product for you- you have to know what to look for

2. Mineral-based sunscreen

Rock that sunscreen all year round. Ultraviolet radiation is the number one foe to healthy skin; apart from being carcinogenic, U.V Rays are a huge contributor to skin color and texture changes. While your body works so hard to produce collagen, harmful ultraviolet rays break down the collagen every time you venture outside with no barrier. Essentially, wearing sunscreen should be a part of your everyday routine. Invest in a clean mineral-based sun blocker with an SPF above 30- this way, your skin is not in direct contact with the sun. You might also want to limit your outdoor adventures when the sun is at its peak and wear protective clothing with sunglasses and hats.

3. Targeted  diets

What if we told you, you can eat your way into healthy skin? It is possible. Some foods are packed with skin-friendly vitamins that give a natural boost to your skincare journey. Substitute the potato chips for baby carrots and kalesa; high vitamins intake will rejuvenate your skin while nourishing the body. Cutting down your sugar consumption will also take some years off your skin. You’d want to capitalize foods rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and E for that glowing, smoothed-out texture. 

4. Quit smoking

Aside from nicotine being the direct cause of lung cancer, it is also a massive deterrent to maintaining healthy skin. Smoking thins out your blood vessels, altering your blood flow and collagen production; this eventually causes your skin to sag and develop wrinkles. Additionally, repetitively puckering your list to draw out a smoke creates lines along your cheeks, mouth, and nostrils; the appearance of these lines only increases over time. Not to mention the depletion of vitamin C that your body needs to stay hydrated, radiant, and succulent.

Final Thoughts

There are clinical and natural approaches to maintaining that healthy glow when it comes to skin therapy. Contrary to what you may think, healthy skin isn’t preserved by constantly obsessing over it; making a few adjustments that don’t overeat into your regular schedule can still get you there. In sum, you can still have healthy skin without doing too much. Little habits like cutting back on alcohol and smoking are simple steps to maintaining beautiful, radiant skin. Don’t break the bank with high-end skincare products; instead, adopt better lifestyle habits as a definite way to maintain youthful-looking skin and improve your overall health as well.¬†