Top Strains to Try at a Seattle Dispensary

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Legalized recreational marijuana in places like Washington and Colorado has ushered in a new age of premium cannabis strains. Growers are creating new hybrids all the time, and keeping up can be confusing. If you are overwhelmed with the selection, try focusing on a few top choices instead.

1. Gushers

This hybrid brings together Triangle Kush and Gelato #41 for a strain that was an Emerald Cup winner in 2018. The scent is lemony, floral and funky from high levels of terpenes that include limonene, linalool, and caryophyllene.

This strain offers the same sort of high THC content that makes its progenitor, Gelato, popular. Users report that the high from this strain is mellow and relaxing. It is often chosen by medical marijuana users who are looking for anxiety relief.

2. Apple Fritter

This strain was originally developed for medical use in Northern California. Its ancestors include the popular Animal Cookies and Sour Apple strains. Fans like its sweet, earthy, and fruity aroma and flavor. The dominant terpene is citrusy and relaxing limonene.

With 25% THC, this is a hybrid that backs a strong punch. Those new to the strain should start cautiously. Users report that this strain is both powerful and relaxing.

3. Super Lemon Haze

Classics are classics for a reason. This Sativa-dominant strain is a hybrid of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. It’s been a popular choice for visitors to dispensaries in Seattle for many years.

This strain is also a repeat award winner. It took the High Times Cannabis Cup in two different years for best strain.

4. Sour Diesel

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Sour Diesel is another classic with a long history. This Sativa-dominant strain has been popular since the 1990s. It gets its flavor and potency from two progenitors, Super Skunk and Chemdog 91. The dominant terpene is Caryophyllene, which is associated with uplifted and euphoric effects.

Many medical marijuana patients like this strain because of its track record with pain, stress, and depression. It’s also popular with western growers because of its affinity to dry, outdoor climates.

5. Jungle Cake

This new strain boasts a stunning 30% THC, which means a little bit goes a long, long way. Many users say that the immediate effect is relaxing and euphoric, but the feeling gets more energetic later on. The most commonly associated effects of this strain include making the user feel happy, uplifted, and talkative.

6. Pink Rozay

This Indica strain is a hybrid with parentage that includes Lemonchello 10 and London Poundcake #75. Like its namesake, Pink Rozay has a distinctive fruity scent. Reviewers say that they enjoy the pleasant body relaxation and the happy mindset they experience.

Pink Rozay also offers very pretty buds, with light frosting and muted colors of orange and green in the leaf. It is known to be quite high in THC, so be careful to enjoy it in small quantities.

7. Blue Dream

This is a longtime favorite of Seattle dispensary visitors. A Sativa-dominant hybrid, this is loved for its gentle, cerebral high. Scents and flavor notes include sweet berries.

Unlike many others on this list, Blue Dream is a gentler option, with tested THC content of around 18%. This makes it a good choice for veterans and novices alike. It’s the perfect choice for when you want to avoid overdoing it. Medical marijuana users like it for its quick and effective relief of nausea and chronic pain.

This is also a popular choice for home growers. It is easy to care for and flowers in an average of 67 days.

8. WiFi Cake

Many people are already familiar with the highly popular Wedding Cake strain. A hybrid itself, it is now being crossed with a number of strains to bring out more and different effects. WiFi Cake crosses Wedding Cake with another popular choice, White Fire OG (which is also called WiFi).

The result is a 70/30 Sativa dominant that retains many of the strengths of Indicas. This is a strain that takes effect quickly and provides a happy, heady, and alert high. Fans report increased concentration, focus, and artistic inspiration under its influence.

These are just a few of the strains of flower available at Seattle’s many dispensaries. Talk to your favorite budtender about what you are looking for and which strains would be the best fit for you.