Top 9 Affiliate Marketing Companies in India

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The affiliate market is a new face of marketing where a company pays an affiliate who markets its products on different platforms. Affiliate market is a new concept growing at a rapid rate. Affiliate marketing holds a real bright future in India due to the market size of the country.

In the current times, affiliate marketing contributes to around 20% of the total sales that are made online on various platforms. This number is likely to see a rise  in the nearfuture. Affiliate market is an easy way to make money if carefully studied. Having a proper picture of the market is really important and you are good to become an affiliate making high profits on every sale you make.

What is Affiliate marketing?

Broadly speaking, affiliate marketing is selling some other company’s product by marketing them and making a profit on the sales. Affiliate marketing chain has three major components, i.e. company, affiliate, and consumer. The company rewards the affiliate on every sale he makes.

Affiliate marketing can be carried on any scale, either small or large. Marketing or promoting products on a large scale is the key to become a successful affiliate in the market. You can learn more about affiliate marketing in 2021 by enrolling in a digital marketing course in Delhi or another city.

How does Affiliate marketing works?

Affiliate marketing is an efficient business strategy. It works on the principle of marketing products and selling them through a platform, mostly online targeting a large audience and hence making small profits on selling a large number of products.

If the consumer base is large, the affiliate earns a huge amount of profit. Every affiliate has a unique link through which he makes sales which the merchant company tracks. Different affiliate platforms have different working procedures.

 One of the most common techniques that platforms like amazon use to reward their affiliates is giving them affiliate links that help amazon to uniquely identify the affiliates and compensate them for the sales. The process of affiliate marketing is not too complicated and can be easily understood by putting in a little effort.

Benefits of Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the finest business tactics in modern times. Affiliate marketing can benefit all three, the affiliate, the company, and the consumer in many ways. It is one of the easy ways for content creator, bloggers, and publishers to make money from the traffic they receive on their platforms. Affiliate marketing can be beneficial to many people in the following ways:

  • Affiliate marketing increases the reach of the company as the affiliate promotes their products to make profits out of the sales. Affiliates unintentionally play a role in promoting the company indirectly.
  • An affiliate forms a niche or a very specific targeted audience that attracts consumers towards a particular company.
  • Affiliate marketing gives an opportunity to a person to become a part-time affiliate boosting the side income of the person.
  • Affiliate marketing is cost-effective for the affiliates as they can start promoting products online without making any large investments.
  • Working from home and selling products online also saves plenty of time and affiliate marketing can be a part time job for many.
  • The affiliate is not bound to any strict regulations and the person can work whenever they feel like to.
  • Merchants reward the affiliates for their performances. Investing time into affiliate marketing means that the company is there to reward you for your efforts.

How do affiliate marketers get paid?

If you are looking to increase your income by selling products online, you can definitely look up to becoming a professional or a part-time affiliate in the market. The affiliates get paid via different techniques based on the company’s policies.

  • The affiliate may receive a profit or compensation for every sale they make through their unique link
  • Sometimes affiliates are also paid if they attract the consumer to the merchant’s website or online portal persuading them to complete some task like filling out a survey or signing up to a website.
  • Affiliates are also paid on the basis of the total visits to their unique links. This is known as pay per click method.

Top Affiliate marketing companies in India

India has a huge market size and therefore attracts many companies from across the globe. Affiliate marketing is expected to grow further in the coming years and there are many companies and platforms already in this business.

If you are planning to start as an affiliate, the first step is to decide on a platform. The next major step is to choose a niche that means a targeted audience that will be attracted to the products that you are going to promote through your website.

 For instance, if you are running a blog related to traveling, you can consider affiliating yourself with travel companies like yatra or MakeMyTrip. If you are running a blog related to web designing, you can opt for affiliate platforms like bigrock and go daddy. If you wish to be an affiliate marketer, you can consider the following companies for healthy initial growth.


 Amazon is currently one of the biggest ecommerce platforms in the world. Amazon has an alluring affiliate marketing program. The program helps bloggers, content creators, and publishers to monetize the traffic. The platform provides the publishers with customized linking tools that in return help them to earn money if a purchase is completed through the link. Amazon is one of the best among the market and if you are looking to be an affiliate marketer you can consider it starting through amazon affiliates.


 Flipkart is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in the second most populated country in the world. Joining the Flipkart affiliate program is free of cost and any new person can consider it. The platform provides you with a variety of affiliate tools that can help to boost your income. The affiliate earns profits based on the product he promotes and advertises on his or her platform.


Ebay’s affiliate program also known as the eBay partner network is simple to follow up. The company provides the affiliates to create a unique link through the tools and making profits if a purchase is completed on eBay.


 The Godaddy affiliate program can be an easy source of income for many affiliates as the platform pays for directing crowds to their website if they make a qualifying purchase. The site also offers the affiliate to choose a category of their product to promote through the affiliate’s site.


MakeMyTrip is one of the earliest and leading online travel companies with a good affiliate program. For the people running blogs related to travel and tourism, this site can be an easy source of income. There are no joining fees and the commissions offered are really alluring for online affiliates.


One of the top affiliate marketing companies in India, BigRock is a leading domain registration and web hosting platform in the country. For bloggers and content writers, Yatra can be a platform to make huge profits by monetizing the traffic on their site.  


The company offers the affiliates with unique ID with which they can track their performance. Signing up for this company is as easy as making a new email. Affiliates registered with the Reseller club make a huge amount of profits ranging from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 8000 per referral.


One of the most trusted and oldest affiliate programs with more than 17,000 affiliates. vCommission partners with many leading online platforms like myntra, Ali express, snapdeal, etc. The platform pays the affiliate on a 30-day scale. An English language website is preferred to become an affiliate with vCommision. After signing up on vcommission it generally takes 3-4 working days to process the application.


Yatra is one of the biggest online travel sites in India. Signing up on Yatra is an easy process and an affiliate can immediately start earning profits by directing traffic to their site. The platform also provides the affiliate with a 30-day cookie duration. This means if someone is directed to the Yatra site through your link, you will earn a commission if the person makes any transaction with the company within the next 30 days.

Affiliate marketing is a new and efficient tactic to attract consumers that are expected to grow even larger in the coming years. The affiliates can boost up their knowledge of the market by enrolling in digital marketing courses in the capital.

Opting for digital market courses offered in Dwarka can be of great help to start with a career in affiliate marketing. To start in this field little knowledge of products that the affiliate is going to sell is recommended. The affiliates are also advised to promote products that they’re familiar with to gain the trust of the consumers. Affiliate marketing is dependent on the way the affiliate advertises a product indirectly helping the company and himself to grow in the market.