Top 6 Must-have Safety Features You need to have in your Car

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Those days are gone when safety features on cars amounted to seatbelts, airbags and antilock brakes. Today’s buyers won’t let go off their hard-earned money unless the majority of the latest safety features are not fitted into their new car. Long back the selling point for automakers was big and powerful engines and safety was something not stressed upon. But to=imes have changed, now the first thing that people consider while buying a car is the number of safety features equipped in it. This is mainly due to the increase in road accidents and deaths caused by it. A recent study showed that improved safety features dramatically lowered road fatalities and the risk of injury.  

Previously only high-end luxury vehicles were equipped with all the safety features, but now it is mandatory for all the automakers to equip their cars with the basic safety features. Below are the few safety features that you cannot do without while buying your new ride. 

Electronic Stability Program

The electronic stability program, which is also known as traction control or dynamic stability control, is a computerized technology that improves a vehicles stability by detecting and reducing the loss of traction. This is a very important feature for cars as it has high power output, especially for SUVs.  Traction control helps drivers to avoid accidents by reducing the danger of skidding or losing control as a result of over-steering or over acceleration. Stability program becomes active when a driver loses traction of their car. It uses computer-controlled technology to apply individual brakes and cuts down the engine power to help bring the car safely back on track, without the danger of fish-tailing.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Available on almost all the new cars today, this high-tech system uses sensors and radar. Additionally, it is normally mounted inside the grille to lock onto the car ahead and maintain a safe distance by automatically applying the accelerator when acceleration is required and the brakes when it needs to slow down. Cruise control is mostly used by drivers on long highway cruises or when things get sticky in heavy congestion. If it senses a potential crash, the cruise control system will brake heavily and tighten the seatbelts, saving the driver from serious injuries.

Automatic Emergency Braking

This is one of the most important safety features which has helped prevent a lot of crashes. More and more drivers are looking for an Automatic Emergency Braking system when purchasing a new car. If a car is fitted with automatic emergency braking senses a potential crash, and the driver does not hit the brake in time, then the car will start braking for you. Research shows rear-end collisions fall by 50% on vehicles with an automatic emergency braking system.

Lane Assist

Lane Assist sounds give warning beep or vibrates your seat or steering wheel to inform you that you are crossing the white lines or unintentionally leaving your lane. It also gently steer you back into your lane if you drift out of it. It is a very important safety feature while driving on the highway where keeping lane discipline is very important. It can be turned on and off depending on the requirement of the person driving the car. 

GPS Tracker

GPS tracker for cars is a device that comes with the car or can be equipped from the market as well. It is a very important safety feature. A GPS tracker will help you to keep a speed limit and real-time location of the car. GPS trackers for cars are very easy to install if not pre-equipped by the manufacturer and can be operated smoothly. These trackers usually have a supporting mobile app that can be installed on the mobile phone. These trackers also help you to track your vehicle in the event of theft.

360 Degree Camera

360-degree cameras have two main purposes; firstly to give the driver a clear view of what’s behind and around the vehicle when parking or reversing and, secondly, to protect children and animals from being hit or run over. These cameras typically use wide-angle lenses which gives a great view of the entire surrounding. It also helps to protect your car from crashing or scrapping while parking in tight spaces. Most of them now are also equipped with night vision cameras. 

So, the next time when you think about buying a new car, make sure to check for the above safety features. A slight check from you part can help you and your family be safe. If you have more questions about the safety features of a car, you can simply ask the dealer.  Take your time will help you to make every journey a happy and safe one. We are hoping this information was helpful to you.

Good luck!