Top 5 video glasses as of April 2020

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We are nothing without pictures and videos in this 2020 era, especially our young generation. According to studies, everyone uses camera at least once in a day either for capturing photos or recording videos. But there are few creative peoples also who love to record things from different views and for those, this article may be helpful.

Most of the time while we are roaming somewhere of driving vehicle bike, or cycle our hands are not free to record activities. In this situation, we miss cameras that can record from our views with the single tap of the record button. 

We are in the fastest-growing era where once we think about any gadget and search it on the internet, we find the thing we were looking for. As we mentioned above hands-free recording from our views, so there are many choices available in the market in the form of video recording glasses or you can say camera glasses. 

Here we are going to list top 5 camera glasses for you which can record HD videos completely handsfree if you are skiing, diving, cycling, playing or flying. You just need to wear it and tap for the record button.

  1. Gogloo Wi-Fi camera glasses
  2. OHO sunshine waterproof camera glasses
  3. GoVision Apollo 1080 HD video recording glasses
  4. IVUE Rincon tilt lens video glasses
  5. Spectacles 2 Water Resistant Camera Glasses

We got These all camera glasses listed here on with the full review, specification, and purchase link. You can read in detail about all 5 listed video recording glasses and check the price at amazon also.

Why need video recording glasses or sunglasses camera?

Peoples love to travel and record such moments and they don’t forget to upload them on Instagram and other social channels, Few uses DSLR few uses Digital cameras but while doing activities like swimming, horse riding, paragliding, jumping and cycling or any other activities like in which your hands are not free to record even you are also not free to hold your camera and capture or record such moments, in that situation you think someone shoot or record activities on behalf of you, right? 

But our technology always thinks about us, most of the sport person you have seen wearing a camera on the head or helmet, but it was an old school thing, now we have a wearable camera in form of recording glasses. So the answer is simple, for recording such moments without using your hand and putting the camera on head or helmet you always need these recoding glasses. 

On the other hand, this simple sunglasses or spectacles like looking-glasses helps you to record such activities which you can not record openly. It’s mean this can help you to spy on someone or something without knowing anyone that the glasses you wore has a camera that is recording everything. 

So, pack your bag have your video recording glasses and record every moment you are going to enjoy on your next trip anywhere in any surface. Yeah, I’m talking about any surface, water, air or land. 

One more thing I forgot to tell you, all video recording glasses available with many features like water and dustproof, HD 1080 recording, Live streaming and record smoothly for the fastest-moving object, you can say a wearable action camera glasses also.