Top 5 must-do things at Japan

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There are many things like Mount Fuji to relaxing, Japan is packed with different activities. 

We believe that locals know best when it comes to their hometown. We asked Japanese locals about their country must-do things. 

You want the dream of a Japan but not sure in the situation of coronavirus, from where to start as you have come to the right place so we can help you out.

We have worked with local peoples to make this list. Locals will include ideas for how you can enjoy Japanese culture at your home.

Now we are telling the Top 5 must-do things in Japan when you visit.

  • You can go in the bullet train & watch throughout the mountains by nearest place

Japan bullet train reaches up to 177 miles per hour. It shoots past Japan’s snowy peaks and forested hills with the Tokaido Shinkansen Line that brings you directly within the Mount Fuji view that you want to see for yourself. 

When you travel to Japan especially between Tokyo and Kyoto or Osaka we recommend you to take a Bullet Train not because it is fast but you will probably see different things in these trains.

When traveling in Japan it is a great relaxing experience. Being Japan is famous for traveling this country via bullet train that makes the JAPAN the coolest thing to travel

  • You can become an anime expert at the Studio Ghibli Museum

Japan is the treasure for animation with Studio Ghibli holds a special place. It is located in the Japanese hall of the movie fame. 

Artist Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli’s instant classics in the spirited away, and my neighbor Totoro gives a fantastic insight into the Japanese culture. 

This museum gives you the unique front-row seat to see the imagination of Miyazaki.

  • You can soak in an open-air hot spring

Whether you go to an onsen or a ryokan with no Japanese experience then it is to be complete without being a relaxing soak here.

The main spots like Amagi Yugashima Onsen are known in the world for their views of the ocean and mountains. 

You can take soak in the hot springs in the heart of Tokyo too.

  • Haggle in Nishiki Market is also called as Kyoto’s Kitchen

It is known as Kyoto’s Kitchen. Nishiki Market is the hidden gem where cooks and restaurants get some best catches. It can produce from the tuna and salmon to delicacies like tako tamago, a quail egg & etc.

  • Sleep in the famous Japan capsule hotel

A room about the size of the twin bed you can sleep as a kid. This Japanese capsule hotel looks like an invention straight from a sci-fi movie. 

You can save money in big cities like Tokyo by taking your pod that has a bed, lights & etc. With styles ranging from rustic country bunk beds to compartments with all automatic doors is a unique way to catch some Z’s while traveling Japan on a friendly budget.