Top 5 Factors That Increase Cyber Security Salary the Most.

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The technologies are getting more advanced, and so is its usage. The advancement of technology has changed the functioning of the world. It has created a huge impact on its users. Nowadays, everything is done with the help of a computer, and people have been totally dependent on it for all their works in the organization. We all are surrounded by technology in some of the ways in our day to day life. This has created a platform on the internet for cyber crimes which is happening around the world. 

The world of Cyber Crime

Cybercrime refers to a crime that involves a network or a computer. Cybercrimes often threaten a person or a nation’s security. These are illegal things that are done by certain people to commit fraud, trafficking in child pornography, violating privacy, or stealing identities. Even big organizations and in fears getting affected by cybercrimes. There are different types of cyber crimes such as hacking, and it means misusing websites or computer networks. Also, the hackers misuse the personal information of somebody which is known as identity theft. Another type of cybercrime is phishing, which means using fake emails to get some personal information of the user. 

Top 5 factors that increase Cybersecurity salary the most :

1. Selection of most appropriate Cybersecurity role – There are many roles in Cybersecurity, as it matters in which role you are in. As the average salary for penetration testers is $55,000 according to U.S data. But the engineers of Cybersecurity expect to earn around 140,000. And the Cybersecurity analyst is earning an average of $80,000 per annum. This clearly means that each role has different salaries according to work in it. The highest-paid role is Cybersecurity engineers, and for that, you need to have the required skill and experience. The engineers have to design the systems rather than just testing them, and designing a system requires ls experience, a deliberate foundation in both security and programming knowledge. For this, you have to make sure that you are in the right role. And if you want to make more money, you should keep your focus on how to advance to the next role.

2. Location – The place where you work is highly matters in terms of salary. Many Cybersecurity jobs are located in the U.S, where analysis has been the focus. You will want to get work eligibility in the U.S to take full advantage of it. There are certain cities where Cybersecurity practitioners will earn much more as compared to others. For example, In settle, there is a thriving ecosystem for Cybersecurity hires, which states that you will earn, on average, 19% more than the national language. Similarly, if you work in New York City or in Washington, you see a 15% increase in your salary. Also, in America, regional variations can add up more dollars.

3. Portfolio – In Cybersecurity, the more amount of work you do will be better as it will help you to secure positions with hiring managers. You have to demonstrate that you detected vulnerabilities and worked to address them at the production level. If you are about to start your career in Cybersecurity that this can be your first obstacle. To be on the right path, you should go for personalized training to start or advance your Cybersecurity career. The training will help you out in the upcoming paths, and you will gain the basic experience to be in Cybersecurity. 

4. Certifications – It really matters that which certification you have, because your salary varies on your certification. An individual having a CISM certification can earn around $25,000 difference in yearly salary between information security analyst and CISSP earn around $15,000 difference for information security analyst. The certifications can increase your salary per annum by between 5% to 25%. And if you get certifications like CISSP, CISA, CEH, then your career can get more advance. 

5. Experience – When you are in a specific role in Cybersecurity, the years of experience matters as it has a huge impact on how much you can earn. 

Cybersecurity professionals earn a huge amount of salary, depending on the certifications they have. The demand for Cybersecurity professional is increasing with a rapid speed as cybercrime are increasing worldwide.