Top 4 Movies about Gambling

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Lots of people enjoy playing at the best online live roulette casino as a way to relax. Are you one of them? Then you will surely enjoy these movies about gambling. 

Joueurs, 2018

A criminal melodrama about Ella, who was living a boring life until she met the charming gambler Abel. They met in her father’s cafe. Ella works as a waitress, serving dozens of customers every day. This life does not please the girl in any way because there are no special dreams or inspiring plans ahead. Abel bursts into her life impetuously, without asking permission or caring too much about Ella’s comfort. 

He is bold, handsome, and lives only for today. He deeply dislikes the conventions of society, the rules, and prohibitions. His main hobby and job is gambling. The guy squanders almost all of his money in underground casinos, sometimes pulling down big winnings. He draws the girl into the illegal world of criminal Paris, and she cannot resist temptation. The couple begins to gamble big, but the explosion of passion and the euphoria of the big score is always followed by a sobering reality of gangsters and dependence on the casino.

The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans, 2009

Terence McDonagh is a hereditary policeman living in New Orleans. He is respected by his superiors and colleagues. But Terence also has another life. He is involved in theft and drug dealing and is a drug addict himself. The addictions of this man are sex and gambling. The bosses entrust McDonagh with a new difficult case. He has to investigate the brutal murder of Senegalese immigrants. Will the lieutenant be able to fight his dark side and complete the assignment?

Two for the Money, 2005

The forward of a successful football team, Brandon, who got injured and forever bid farewell to his sports career, is forced to look for other ways to earn money. That’s when he remembers the famous bookie Walter, who once offered Brandon lucrative scams, to which the football star has always proudly refused. 

Walter, who knows for sure how to easily and quickly multiply capital, enters into an adventurous agreement with the ex-football player. Juggling millions of dollars, Brandon and Walter engage in a dangerous game where losing is like dying. Mad money is floating into their hands, but can the Bolivar withstand the two?

Kaiji: Jinsei Gyakuten Gêmu, 2009

Kaiji Ito is an unemployed slacker who steals emblems of expensive cars and punctures tires. But his monotonous routine changes when a man in an expensive suit knocks on his door. The visitor introduces himself as Endo, a debt collector. 

The reason for his visit is simple. Kaiji owes money, acting as a proxy for his colleague who owed 300,000 YEN on one of his jobs, but as time passes the debt has grown to an astronomical 385,000 YEN. Since the payer himself is missing, the full debt falls on Kaiji. But Endo offers him a way out of this situation. Is this the only chance for desperate people to escape from the clutches of poverty, or is it a one-way ticket?