Title: How can window shutters Esher provide insulation?

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When we head towards the hot summers (or some of us already are!), a window covering that insulates your homes becomes more and more necessary. We are often asked “Are window shutters worth buying?” well… It’s a definite yes! The reason is, window shutters are the most insulating window treatment which also looks sophisticated and refined.

How shutters help in insulating your house? 

Does direct sunlight come through the window of your room? Does it become unbearably hot during the daytime? Even when the AC is on, does it become uncomfortable to have a good sleep at night? Can you sense the sun from the outside even with the curtains or blinds closed? Even during the winters, you may feel the same but this time too cold, even with closed curtains and blinds. Let us tell you that window shutters Esher are one solution to all your insulation problems. It becomes an enclosed barrier between your windows and the interior of your house so that you can maintain your ideal room temperature.

Which window shutters Esher design is perfect for insulation? 

The best protection against outside temperatures can be achieved with full height or full solid raised shutters. You will see that the design of the café style shutters leaves the upper section of your window exposed to sunlight, but if you are finding shutters to control the temperature then full height is the one that completely covers the window which gives you the most insulation effect when slats are closed. Tier on tier shutters often cover your entire window frame, but they are usually designed to keep your highest tier open. Although they are still well insulated when all panels are closed, the top and the bottom level have a slight 1/8 inch gap which prevents full shutter insulation.

Insulation helps to cut down your heating and cooling bills
It is not just good for your comfort, but adding insulation to your windows with shutters helps you save money as it controls your heating and cooling cost for the entire year. Less use of heating and cooling lowers your energy consumption and decreases the environmental impact on your house!

Wooden or polyvinyl shutters are better for insulation?

High insulation qualities are delivered by both wooden shutters and polyvinyl shutters. R-value refers to the ability of a substance to resist heat. The minor disparity between polyvinyl and wood is that former is slightly higher than the latter. Given the thickness and consistency of shutter panels and framework, you will get the same insulation benefits from either material. 

Which slat size is best for insulation?

Larger slats will have more distance and will let more light into the room when opened. Nevertheless, when they are closed they are overlapped closely. This gives you light blockage, privacy, and insulation. So what are you thinking? You wouldn’t find any other window treatment that will give the best temperature control than window shutters Esher.