Tips to reduce the size of pdf without compromising image quality!

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In professional life, you may felt the situation of size issues of pdf. To make your work stand out from others, you add images, clipart, graphics, and visuals. They are helpful to grab the attention of the reader than the actual text. Then, you need to add an image to pdf document. But sometimes, you have to compromise with the image quality to shorten the size of the pdf. I will tell you the tips to avoid this situation.

But there’s now a nifty tool that allows you to edit PDF images without having to go through all those hassles.

For mac users:

Get the help of quartz filters-

  • OS X is the default preview app that is inbuilt in MacBooks. It helps handle the basic pdf needs like viewing, editing, adding an annotation to file compression. 
  • If you want to compress pdf document, you need to click on a file, then export; after that, quartz filter and select the option of reducing file size. It is the basic process of compressing the size of your pdf and but it includes a drop-down of image quality, making your pdf look blurry.
  • You need to install apple quartz filters to reduce a 24MB pdf file to a required and manageable size.

Step 1

  • In the first step, you have to move the quartz filter to the library/folder. So first, unzip the quartz folder, which is on the desktop.
  • After that, launch finder and use shortcut key CMD+shift+G, which will pull up go to the folder and hit enter to open library folder.
  • After locating the filters folder, you need to paste the quartz filter inside.

Step 2

  • In this step, you have to launch Automator and create an Automator application. In the launch Automator, create a d In the launch Automator, create a document, click on the option of application then you will see the option choose in blue color click on it.
  • The Automator library is on the left-hand side.  You need to use the search field and then apply the action of quartz filter to pdf documents. 
  • Before proceeding further,  a message will appear on screen, asking you to add any copy finder items action to the workflow. It is suggested to use it because it will save you from the trouble of scrambling the original file in case of not achieving the expected results.
  • The end step is to choose a quartz filter to compress the pdf. You have installed the quartz filter in step 1; you will be able to check the documents listed after clicking on the filter drop-down menu. Once you choose your filter, give the app a name and save it on the desktop.

Step 3

  • It is the final step in dragging and dropping your pdf to the newly created Automator app. To use the new Automator app, drag your pdf and drop it on the app. It will get you the compressed copy of the pdf.
  •  The size will depend on the quartz filter you chose while creating the Automator app. This way, you can convert an image to pdf without compromising the quality.