Tips for Wearing Watches in 2020

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The debate of wearing watches the right way will never be over. When I was young, I remember being told by everyone that I should wear a wrist-watch in my left hand, I found it easier to wear it on my right hand, given that I am a right-hander too, but still it was most convenient for me. As I had not much knowledge at the time so I preferred to do what everyone else around me was doing. But I couldn’t hold it for long and eventually stopped caring what others had to say, and later on, I figured out that it didn’t matter what hand you should be wearing the watch as long as it doesn’t make you feel so uncomfortable. It can be very well said that you are free to wear the watch in any hand you desire as long as it doesn’t ruin your looks, and you continue to display the pleasant side of your personality. But, a little care should be taken that whatever watch you wear should be matching with your dressing style, or should have at least a good contrast. This way you will be in the spotlight and nothing will be able to stop you from getting compliments. Your ultimate goal should be to not compare yourself with others but to have your unique personality that is too good to compel everyone to look at you even if they don’t want to. A watch doesn’t have to be fancy with lots of features or functionality. Because these days watches are not worn to keep the check on time but for enhancing the looks. Time can be seen in mobile phones, but it doesn’t mean that you stop wearing watches because their sole purpose is being fulfilled by your handheld devices. 

Now, you may ask where exactly we should fit the watch. The only simple answer to that would be to just at the tip of your wrist bone is the ideal place to wear your watch. Make sure the straps are not too loose so it hangs below your wrist, it will just give it an ugly look and is certainly nothing formal. As for women, they can’t even think of letting their watch hang below their wrist, it will spoil everything and will surely make them feel less noticed. One thing that can be noted down here is it is okay for women to wear manly watches as long as it does not look too big for their forearms. They are free to style masculine watches with their dressing and no one would be having any odd thoughts. But it goes against the rule if men opt to wear feminine watches, as certainly those watches have a very thin frame and would look tiny on a fairly big hand. As far as the question of the color of the watch is concerned then the popular ones are shiny-silver that goes perfectly well with both the genders. Black, blue, and golden is also popular ones that work fine for everyone. Colors are important because, they put the meaning in your dressing sense, and gives a clear message to all the onlookers that your standards are just too high and you can’t compromise on your looks. 

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