The world is your oyster if you know computer-aided design

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Before the cold war, only the very rich could afford computers.  The end of the cold war and the resulting digital era changed all of that.  Computers became as commonplace in the 21st century as Kleenex and Aspirin were in the 20th.  Obviously, computers are here to stay and the world is your oyster if you are familiar with computer-aided design.

Jobs in computer-aided design

An acronym (short form) of Computer-aided-design in CAD.  if you are a CAD engineer, you will need to hold at least a Bachelors’ degree in both computer programming and computer engineering.  If you have knowledge of CAD, you can work in a variety of industries as an engineer. For example, you can work in the architecture industry.  If you do, you will be designing computer programs that will help you design houses from the ‘drawing board.’ You will be creating specialized blueprints of houses (and buildings) that other professionals can adjust and test for potential safety and other issues before construction on the buildings begin.

If you work in the construction or architecture industries as a CAD engineer, you will need to have a strong understanding of green technologies and principles.  This is because the world is quickly gravitating towards green technology because it is safer and more economical. You’ll also need to have some familiarity with alternative energies like LED bulbs and composting. As a CAD engineer in these industries, you will be designing buildings and houses that are economical, safe, and green technology compliant and friendly.  You’ll also be designing houses and buildings that must adhere to all local, national, and international building standards and codes.

Space is the final frontier

Remember that old phrase from Star Trek, “Space is the final frontier?”  Well, this is very true because a whole host of billionaire angel capitalists are investing in space exploration and travel.  This makes the aerospace industry a very good field for you if you have CAD skills. You will be designing the programs that will make the plans and blueprints for all types of spacecraft including satellites and space ships.  You may even be making accessories and components for the world-famous international space station. An understanding of international space regulations and general building codes and engineering principles is a must. This field is very lucrative since space exploration and engineering is now only beginning to ‘take off!’

The possibilities are endless

It is often thought and believed that engineering is the foundation of everyday and professional life since the things it creates like houses, cars, buildings, spaceships, etc…are everywhere.  After all, everyone needs a place to live, shop, work, and be entertained in. if this is the case, then the future lies in CAD since this field is the foundation of engineering in many ways!