The tips to choose the right thing to make a fashion statement

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7 Tips to Get Out Of a Fashion Rut

Have you ever stood still in front of your closet for thirty minutes straights and yet found absolutely nothing suitable to wear? Have you ever experienced the hate for everything that you own or felt disappointed about how you looked? Hold on to it tight ladies, cause if the answer to everything above is a yes, it is likely that you are stuck in a fashion rut.

Well, the good news here is that you don’t have to break all this into a song and a tiring dance routine to rest your wardrobe while spending a lot of money in doing so. On the contrary, it takes only a few considerate tweaks in your style to transform your look and get out of the style trench.

Here are nine amazing tips that can help you to get back in style.

The shift from heels to flats and vice versa

Many times even fashionable people forget to hone the power that every style of footwear usually possesses. However, when it comes to changing your style, what better way to begin it than shoes? After all, it is the first thing that falls in line with our clothes, so switching up your footwear can definitely bring about a change to get you out. For example, if you are someone who wears heels every day to work, shift your style to shoes and flats with laces. You’d be surprised how a simple change can bring out your fashion style, enabling you to reinvent your style. Basic style such as black ankle trousers or miniskirts look quite predictable with high heels, but pairing them with checkered slip-on sneakers can reinvent your look. Similarly, if you are a flat shoe person, stepping out of your comfort zone with a pair of heels can definitely help you carrying your clothes differently.

Pair up bold colors

Even if you are someone who loves wearing bold colors, there is a high chance that you don’t go against the natural contrasting colors that fall into place. That said, you’ll be amazed to see how refreshed your clothes can look when you start pairing the bold colors with other bright colors. For example, instead of going black or pink with your lavender trousers, choose a bold yellow blazer with a deep neck top.

Amp up your neutrals

Well, the above point is not for everyone as not all can pull off a red or fuchsia. Instead, use the neutral colors to break out of the rut. Take your basic piece of clothing and style in different ways. For example, buttoning up the white blouse up to the neck and pairing it up with black or navy trousers. You can also opt for black cropped, high-waist shirts to give a modern yet minimalist look.

Replace old accessories with new ones

 Trendy has become somewhat like a buzzword in the market, but the truth is that it’s not wrong to embrace the thing that you really like. It is something that makes fashion, right? If you are in a style rut, why not update the versions of the accessorizing items that you already own. Everything that you need can be purchased through online shopping in Calgary, Toronto, or more. For example, if you are someone who loves to wear flip-flops in the summers, why not replace them with a pair of flat pool-styled slides that are quite trendy at this time of the year.

Start wearing bold lip shades

The cheapest and by far the easiest way to break out of the fashion rut is playing with colors—be it with your clothes of lip shades. Play with bold lipsticks shades such as matte orange, bright red, flamingo pink, or neons. You will be surprised at how it brings out your stylish look.  

Put on another piece of jewelry on you before leaving your place

Piling on bling is by far the most fabulous way of getting out of a fashion rut. It is ridiculous when it comes to the old fashion rule of taking out one piece of accessory before leaving the house. Well, it is a lame excuse. Where minimalism has always been a trend in the fashion industry, it never underestimates the people who love their bling.

Don’t separate dressy with casuals

A modern trick to look effortlessly stylish is taking your formal bottoms such as a maxi skirt or silk or metallic pants and pair it pup with the casual tops such as a plain grey sweatshirt or white tee. This style creates possibilities for new outfits for you every day. Not just that, it also gives you a chance to pull off a semi-casual look with something that has the potential to stay hidden in your closet until some event comes your way.

Author Bio: James Crowfield holds a degree in fashion design from an esteemed institute of University of Philadelphia. He has a dream to become a renowned fashion advisor in future. Currently he works as an intern at the Impexlog Inc, and is appreciated for his work at the company. Besides being a fashion enthusiast, he also loves working out. His goal is to maintain a position in the fashion industry by means of his exceptional designs.