The Reasons Why a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words.

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You will have definitely heard the saying that ‘a picture is worth 1000 words’ and there is no doubt that it is. Sometimes it can be really difficult to explain something or say what is on our minds by just using our words and so we turn to other methods to convey how we feel. If you are a teacher then you will understand exactly what I am talking about here and when it proves to be so difficult to explain an idea or concept to your student, then you know you can always turn to a picture to explain everything for you. The moment that you show a picture or a photograph, the students experience that light bulb moment and they understand immediately what it is that you are trying to tell them all along.

If you are talking to someone in a general day-to-day conversation and you’re trying to explain to them how you celebrate an important day with your family, there is no real way to highlight how important and exciting that it was with just your words. However, if you took the time to mark the milestone by visiting a photography studio in Perth then you have something tangible that you can show them and they will understand the significance of that day immediately. This is why they say a picture is worth 1000 words and here are some of the reasons why it is so true.

1. It helps to convey emotion – We are all responsive to visual clues like photographs and it is the one thing that allows us to understand the emotions that occurred during that time. Photographs have the innate ability to put a smile on our faces, to make us feel excited or disgusted and all at the same time. Photographs help to jog our memory and they bring us back to past moments that we have long since forgotten about. It can be an excellent gift even for a boyfriend and pictures can also give us an idea of what lies ahead and photographs are used by newspapers and magazines every day to bring out our emotions when they tell us a story.

2. Photographs bring things to life – Let’s look at this from a business point of view for a change. It is extremely likely that your business has a blog or website and so you use pictures and photographs to create a motion with your customers that will encourage them to buy your products or services and they help your customers to connect with the message that you are trying to tell them about. Pictures and photographs also help your website to stand out from the others.

3. Pictures capture that special moment – There are many times in our lives when you reach certain milestones and we want to capture that very special moment. It could be the birth of your first child, the day that you got married or the day that you celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary. Whatever the occasion, a picture or photograph takes everything that you want to say and conveys all of that for you.

Pictures and photographs give us and other people an idea of how we see ourselves and how we see the world around us.