The Perks of Buying Extended Warranty for iPhones

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Today, an iPhone is the most sought-after smartphone to purchase. While there is no doubt about its efficiency as phones go, reports from users mention that these phones go through hitches and glitches in the course of use. This is easily dealt with if you have extended warranty that covers any problems with your device.

An iPhone is one of the phones in the upper echelons of smartphone models, and is not affordable by many. Still, Apple, as a company, has a fan following in the millions. People who have used Apple devices “can’t get accustomed” to any other brand. Apple products are that addictive. Nonetheless, if you are a die-hard Apple customer, and are spending somewhere in the league of 70,000 INR to a lakh on a phone (these are ballpark figures for the latest iPhones), you need to be sure of the warranty.

The more expensive the smartphone, the more fearful you will be about something going wrong and the cost you’ll have to incur later. It is human nature. How can you stay assured that you will be able to fix a luxury phone ifproblems occur? Most devices, including smartphones, come with standard warranties, safeguarding against any expenditure on the phone, should it have problems due to manufacturing defects. You need to do an iPhone warranty check if you had recently purchased an iPhone, and are facing issues.

Warranty Check

Many brands offering appliances and devices that you buy offer their own standard warranty, applicable through a period of one year from the date of purchase. Smartphone brands like Samsung and Apple have their own warranties that kick in the minute you buy their phones. Apple’s standard warranty for iPhone covers a year of repair of hardware and 90 days of technical support free of charge. This is a limited warranty and only takes care of defects in materials and workmanship issues.

Peace of Mind

When you buy a device, you know how much you have invested in it. Whether you can afford it or not, it’s still your hard-earned money, and you want it to function properly for as long as possible. Since all electronic devices aren’t predictable in terms of how long they will last without problems, you need that “extra” assurance that all will be well. How do you get this?

Extended warranty for mobiles solves these problems and gives you the peace you need. You can only control so much, and even if you use your mobile phone with the utmost care, it may still be prone to issues, risks and accidents. Phones have been known to drop and have their screens shattered, besides facing battery problems. The main advantage of an extended warranty is that you won’t have to spend beyond your means to get your phone fixed from any damage in the future.

Extended Warranty

Since many mobile phone brands offer standard limited warranties when you buy mobile phones, it’s wise to explore a brand’s extended warranty for mobiles. Each brand offers a range of warranty covers, if you choose to sign up for that particular brand’s extended warranty plan. By and large, the extended warranty extends the standard warranty period for a few years, as iPhone’s extended warranty offers coverage for 2 years. Under the Apple umbrella, iPhone extended warranty checksout for not only longer cover, but also includes protection of your iPhone against two incidents of damage through accidents, if each occurs within a span of a year.


The perks you experience with an extended warranty from the brand or from a third party are obvious. You don’t know when your phone will have a problem, and the period of coverage assures you of an extended time of repair. Additionally, extended warranty assures you of help that you might need, from remote diagnostic support to physical support at authorized service centres. Some extended warranties also cover repair that needs to be done should your phone get damaged by events out of your control, like power surges and accidents like dropped phones, spillage etc. In the event phones cannot be repaired, products may be replaced too.

Bajaj Finserv Extended Warranty is a third-party service plan that gives you up to 3 years of extended warranty, with no depreciation costs or interest paid. It is IRDA-approved, and warranty covers the replacement of parts and even the whole device, should the repair be deemed impossible.