The perfect 5-day itinerary unravel the best of Philippines

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Have you ever wanted to travel to the Philippines, however, have no plan as to where to start? The country has so much to offer that you might start feeling the urge to include as many places as possible to your itinerary, but the reality is that it is not likely to happen. You need to come up with a good plan for the places to visit for your 5-day trip.

This southeast Asian country has more than 7000 islands and so you need to pick the spots that suit your travel motive. Some islands help bring out your adventurous spirit while some others cater to family-friendly activities. Here is a 5-day itinerary to help you make the most of your Philippines tour package.

Day 1 – arrive at Cebu

Get on your flight to the Philippines and reach Cebu. Cebu has pristine beaches, mild weather and great resorts that come with all the richness of modern-day living. This island province is the second-largest metropolis of the country. Shopping malls, hotels, casinos, entertainment halls are present here to help you indulge in everything that you wish for. The remaining of the 166 islands in Cebu are bordered with clear water and sandy beaches that teem with several marine life species.

Day 2 – Oslob – swim with whale sharks

The Philippines has over a thousand species of sharks. You can engage in snorkelling to get a new experience. The place is crowded with tourists all the time and so it is best to visit it early, particularly on public holidays and weekends.

Cebu – Tumalog Falls

You can visit these amazing falls. The location is secluded and you can walk on the road to reach it. Take a bath in the cold water in a relaxed fashion as this place isn’t very deep. Even a beginner can swim easily here. You can relieve yourself from the heat by swimming.

Day 3 – Kawasan valley – canyoneering

Visit the Cebu city and go for canyoneering in the valley. You will see the amazing beauty of several waterfalls. You can engage in various activities like rappelling, waterfall jumping, and rafting. You can witness some rare birds and lizards as well. You will enjoy spending your time alone in the middle of lush greenery and the blue waters.

Day 4 – Tarsier and Chocolate Hills

Start your day afresh by refuelling your energy with the best breakfast. Set out to visit Bohol where you can see numerous Tarsiers, the smallest primate in the world. They are around four to five inches only and have big mesmerizing eyes. Then visit the Chocolate hills situated in the centre part of Bohol. It is a group of 1268 symmetrical hills that descend 30 meters from the ground. These unique rock formations were formed after several million years of evolution. Take a stroll around to notice how widely spread the hills are on your Philippines tour package.

Loboc River Cruise

Explore Loboc River via a cruise. It has a restaurant that offers that will allow you to satiate your hunger while appreciating the river’s beauty. This is must-do-thing in your list since the cruise journey will offer you the best experience. The river is said to be one amongst the cleanest ones in the Philippines and so make sure you don’t throw away any litter. The cruise ride is for an hour and once it ends, you can go for a walk nearby.

Day 5 – Shopping in El Nido

Take a flight to El Nido and don’t forget to see the aerial sight of the islands since it is astonishing. Explore the place and get some guidance from the hotel to purchase souvenirs. Shop around to buy keychains, fridge magnets and lots more for your friends and family. Don’t forget to try the best street food in the country.

El Nido – Island Hopping

Go for island hopping that includes scuba diving and snorkelling. Explore the nature, sandy beaches and the country’s culture in El Nido. Enjoy the best Philippine dishes. Take rest for the remaining part of the day on your Philippines tour package before you board your flight to reach home.

Travel tips

·       Prior to visiting the Philippines, search for the best places to visit that suit your travel purpose.

·       Some activities are not appropriate for small children.

·       Activities such as sand bar visiting rely on the tidal streams. If there is a high tide, sand bars might not be visible and so you need to check with the guide before you visit the place.

·       Apply for your visa well in advance before you start your trip. It is essential to look over the guidelines properly to avert complications.

The Philippines has lots to offer to its visitors from panoramic sights of oceans to its surreal beauty. It is a great setting for honeymooners as well. If you wish to plan a trip to the Philippines, take the assistance of Pickyourtrail. They offer the best Philippines tour package at reasonable rates. You can travel now and make the payment later in instalments as well.