The Need for Inbound and Content Marketing for Business Growth

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Do you want to develop your inbound marketing strategy? Then hiring a content marketing agency in Sydney is your best bet. If you are still unfamiliar with the concept of inbound marketing and content marketing, you may not surpass your competition to get more customers.

Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales, Australia, is best known for its most iconic landmarks: The Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. However, Sydney is known as much more than that. Sydney is also Australia’s economic centre and is considered one of the leading financial centres globally. Sydney also has the largest number of small businesses in Australia, which employs around 47 per cent of the workforce.

What is Inbound and Content Marketing?

The inbound marketing approach is the method of growing your business by creating meaningful and lasting relationships with your prospective and existing customers. Inbound marketing is all about giving your customers value and empowering them by providing them with informational and helpful content without any direct sales pitch. This process is content marketing.

The main goal of inbound and content marketing is to help your customers solve problems and become successful. It follows the rule that goes; when your customers succeed, your business will succeed as well. A content marketing agency in Sydney will be familiar with the three ways of applying inbound marketing.

Attract Your Customers. The right inbound and content marketing approach will draw in the right people for your business. Content marketing agencies will be able to target people that may become your potential customers specifically.

Engage Your Customers. A good inbound marketing strategy will also allow you to engage your customers in conversations that will help them solve their problems whether they use your products or not. It is important to note that engaging with your customers should not be loaded with sales pitches or enticing them to purchase your products or subscribe to your services.

Delight. Inbound and content marketing will also involve sales support to your customers. It is important to keep an open communication line with your customers, even after purchasing your products. Giving after-sales support will increase your reputation of giving added value to your customers, which in turn will be rewarded with more word-of-mouth referrals or links to your website.

When done correctly, content marketing will give your company the following benefits.

Increased Brand Awareness. When you have useful content distributed in the correct channels and platforms, more and more people will be able to see your brand as credible and helpful.

Develop a Long-Lasting Customer Relationship. If you regularly update your content, customers who found your previous content useful will most likely return to your site to learn more about how your products and services may help them further. Likewise, customers you have helped before will most likely turn to you for additional help.

Creates Trust. When you offer useful content such as giving advice or educating people without pitching your products and services will give people the impression that you are sincere in helping them. This impression will then turn to trust. When users begin to trust your brand because of helpful content, they will most likely become your customers.

Positions Your Company as an Expert. When you give out useful content, people will look at your company as a credible company that they can trust. People will naturally find your content first for solutions. This will position you as an expert in your field.

Most content marketing agencies in Sydney will tell you that inbound marketing is a more effective way of increasing your business. As of 2018, 74 per cent of professional online marketers are using one form of inbound or content marketing to increase their traffic. So yes, your company will need to create an inbound and content marketing strategy to grow.